Freakiest Old Man Ever!

23 04 2009

Once again I stumbled upon an interesting video…

It was soooo interesting, I giggled a little then goosebumps covered my whole body…

This is the wierdest, freakiest, old man I’ved ever watched! …


… good luck watching it! … *bleh*! … 😉


Introducing: Bras for men… yep, MEN!

2 02 2009


Do you have man boobs? … Are they very distracting and discourages you from your “manly opbligations”? …

Well, fret not since this invention will surely brighten up your “saggy” day! … (click on the link to find out more!) …


thanks for the link Andy and the Mr. Hubs blog! … 😉

Wierdest Toys For Christmas…

20 12 2008

4 Days to go before Christmas!so if you’re in hurry t by something EXTRA-special for your love one… or whoever… or a gift for some annoying kids… here’s a list from Todaystoptoys … enjoy shopping! …


If you have a child or know a child that wants one of these toys for Christmas then they probably have some issues because these are the weirdest toys I have ever seen.

  1. Epidermits Toys
  2. This ugly looking thing is actually a concept toy. Yes, some company, Stuart Karten Design, thinks that this toy is a good idea! It is an Epidermits Interactive Pet. An interactive PET!?!?! Kids are suppose to want to have this ugly thing as a pet?!?!?! Besides it beingheadless and REALLY ugly listen to the idea behind the toy . . .

    epidermits toy

  3. Pee Poo
  4. Making toilet training fun and approachable is an admirable goal, but this seems like a good way for your child to develop an unnatural affection toward their own waste products. At a bare minimum, the sympathetic “Why me?” faces on the waste products will make flushing the toilet a psychologically jarring event.

    pee poo

  5. The Snoop Dogg Toy
  6. Uh, oh, Snoop Dogg is in the playhouse and playtime will never be the same. That’s right, dawg — The musical maniac who brought us such sensations as “Doggystyle” and “Paid the Cost to Be The Boss” has been turned into a toy. Imagine, now Barbie can ditch Ken and but a move.

    snoop dogg toy

  7. Stripper Pole
  8. This is a practice stripper poll, that was yanked from toy store shelves in the U.K. last year when some fussy killjoys questioned whether it was a good idea to market stripper poles toward children.

    stripper pole

  9. Bamz Kids Interactive Insoles
  10. Bamz Interactive insoles that you put inside your shoe and talk when you walk. You can program whatever messages you like.

    bamz foot insoles

  11. Gelli Baff
  12. Gelli Baff bath product. One pack of bath powder turns the water into very thick goo, the other pack turns it back into water. GROSS!

    gelli baff

  13. Dolly Dolly
  14. Stories about dolls that have to go undercover as cats to bust up feline organized-crime syndicates is one of those quirky Japanese things that Western culture hasn’t appropriated yet. Yet.

    dolly dolly

  15. Beatle Bears
  16. And, just as we sometimes adopt and misunderstand certain features of Japanese culture, so, too, do the Japanese sometimes misunderstand ours.

    beatle bears

  17. Finger Puppets
  18. When designing finger puppets, it’s critical to only portray them from the waist up, because as soon as you put legs on them it looks like you’re giving your diminutive new friend one hell of a ride. The dazed expression on this particular example only adds to the effect.

    Finger Puppets

  19. The Dick Cheyney Toy
  20. There’s something for everyone with the Dick Cheney doll. Supporters will see it as a symbol of his sure-handed gun expertise, and detractors will consider it a symbol of him as a trigger-happy chicken hawk. What could be merrier? (The same company, Hero Builders, has also made a custom Tim Russert doll.)

    dick cheyney toy

  21. Cock Bloc Super
  22. Aside from the ubiquitous LEGO, there’s dozens of different building block systems marketed throughout the world. However, none of them are as sexually frustrating as Cock Bloc Super. *Note* that they have now changed it to “Clock Bloc Super”.

    cock bloc super

  23. Remote Control Gorilla Toy
  24. Japanese Remote Control Gorilla is Arguably the Ugliest Toy Ever Manufactured

    remote control gorilla toy

  25. Ugly Dolls
  26. These dolls are intentionally made

    ugly dolls

  27. Animal Doll
  28. Animal, from the Muppets, looks in pain with this pole stuck up his ass.

    animal doll

  29. My Little Batman Pony
  30. A very odd combination of Batman and My Little Pony.

    batman pony

  31. Retro Kermit
  32. Kermit the frog meets Disco Stu.

    retro kermit

  33. Evolving Darwin Play Set
  34. We mean, how can anyone argue with the hard, cold facts presented in this set. Thanks to this toy, anyone can see with their own eyes how mankind evolved from slimy fish-man to ape man, to homo-erectus, to homo-sapien.

    darwin toys

  35. Cat Lady Toy
  36. There she stands — ratty bathrobe, checked pajama bottoms, headband, wild hair, and a fanatical look on her face. And she’s surrounded by six cats that own her heart and soul.

    crazy cat lady

  37. Lunch Lady Toy
  38. Just stick your head into a school cafeteria and see for yourself. We don’t care if you’re twenty or eighty — you’ll swear you’re looking at the same lunch lady who served you slop back when you were in grade school. It may be magic or perhaps genetics, but lunch ladies are simply stuck in a time warp.

    lunch lady toy

  39. Mr. Bacon and Monsieur Tofu
  40. Those culinary arch enemies — Mr. Bacon and Monsieur Tofu — are finally facing off. On one side we have Mr. Bacon — that happy-go-lucky slice of smoked meat with an “I dare you not to eat me,” smirk on his face. On the other side there is Monsieur Tofu himself — as healthy and nutritious as he is arrogant and self-righteous.

    tofu vs bacon

  41. Peeing Baby
  42. This toy should be at the top of every child’s Christmas list.

    peeing baby

  43. Hybrid Creature Toy
  44. Weird hybrid creature toys designed by Sang Won Sung are made from different parts from objects. Sang Won Sung pieces them together to create those bizzare toys.

    hybrid toy

  45. Poop Shoot
  46. The thing flying out of the toilet appears to be a plastic piece of poop, molded in the traditionally popular swirl-cone shape. Projectile excrement is a popular prank in Japan, and the workplace injuries that result are a major drain on the economy.

    poop shoot

  47. Dick Putt
  48. What better way to market your putter with a golden penis on the tip than with three cute cartoon animals? Just imagine Jack Nicholson coming at you, swinging one of these. Hell, now that we’ve written it, we’re having a hard time thinking about anything else.

    dick putt

  49. Weird Toy
  50. Not sure what’s goin on here to be honest.

    weird toy

  51. Boob Radio
  52. Nipples are the best way to turn her on.

    boob radio

  53. “Chick with a Dick” Doll
  54. Lately some Russian newspapers post photos of these strange Chinese dolls. The reason for the panic is that in Russian children toy stores have appeared strange Chinese dolls looking like a girl-doll but if fully undressed there can be something found that better would suit for a boy-doll. People demand to band those dolls from being sold on the territory of Russia and claim that it maybe done on purpose by some evil forces from outside of Russia in order to form a bad perception of female/male orientation from the early age.

    chick with a dick toy

Stranger Fest “Diary” and the Sudden Movie Marathon

10 09 2008

yippppeeee!!!! …

finally the summarized write-up I made for the Kabataan News Network website was published just this morning! …

you can view it here at the website

anyway, this was an absolutely an “un-normal” day for me. Tristan, janna, Rowyn and I spend the whole night (and dawn actually…) just watching a bunch of movieswhich were:

1.) A Japanese film with a mute antagonist – obviously, it was mentally disturbing … lots and lots of blood … gory but thought-provoking throughout …

2.) Inconvenient Truth – made me want to become and environmentalist … well-researched and scary in a way … well, that’s if you care about the world …

3.) Korean film ” Sex Zero” – made my lungs dry out laughing! … I was virtually rolling all over the floor! … but what was really striking about the film is its ending … nicely done!!! … this American-pie themed movie will surely brighten your day (could even make you poop for laughing incessantly…) and give teenagers a bit of spanking …

4.) Blair Witch Project – “what in the world was that?” … the ending says it all …

and before we knew it, it was 6 or 5 in the morning…

aww well, we forgot two thigns during this sudden movie marathon . One, we had an early class the next day and Two, we were supposed to make a film script …

well at least we watched movies that gave us some ideas and really pushed our film script forward …

if you’re planning for a movie marathon with your friends, here’s a quick tip: make sure you have a limit of some sort or plan it out at least. (I ended up not going to my class since I chose to sleep … he he he …) Another thing, your list of movies should be filled with things you’re very much interested to watch and have back-up. (who would want to watch a film only one person likes? Sheeesh, you’ll find yourself enjoying while your other friends either fall into a deep sleep or plan the next marathon without you …)

So there, if you still got some tips, just write it down below…

happy movie watching! … 😉