Morality on the Market Market Scandal and Venus Raj’s Fans

4 01 2011

This video has been circulating the net for quite some time now. If you watch it, is just like watching a scene in a movie about ‘the revenge of the wife’ or something. Seeing the video for the first time, I realized why this became a youtube sensation, it has some kind of voyeurism feel to it. You know that feeling in reality shows when you take a sneak peek into the lives of the contestants and learning how human they are, like you? This vid somehow captures that feeling into a much higher level. Oh wait I forgot, this isn’t a movie this is REALITY!

On the comments taken from youtube, a lot majority, sided with the legal wife. That is not surprising given the fact that if they were in her shoes they’ll also did the same thing. Besides, it is never right to claim something that’s already taken right?.

What’s just horrifying is that most of the comments on youtube also approved of this scandalous act. Yes, ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’ but it is disturbing how one can managed to do such a thing in public and let the whole world into her little own world she calls “private life”. (Probably an extrovert, I don’t know…) Some commentators say the legal wife did the right thing since they MIGHT have a child. That she MIGHT be in mid-lower class. That she MIGHT be fighter for a lot more. C’mon guys, we do not know the whole picture. What we know is that the legal wife along with her “minions” attacked a mistress that obviously had an affair with his husband. We even don’t know the other details but we certainly know she’s angry!

"Grab by the Hair Technique to Perfection"
She is enraged and we know the primary reason why. If she is trying to be brave, this probably isn’t the right way to do so. If she’s being confrontational, well then this still is not the best way to do it. Absolutely NOT a perfect example to the younger generation. If she does have a child and he/she watches this in future what will he/she think?! I’d feel embarrassed for sure. I will probably think something like this:

“Could not believe mom would do that to a person, or worse inside a mall! Now I know what those big muscle arms are for, talk about genes! Oh wait, who was capturing the video? Oh, my aunt! Geez, it probably runs in the blood, what can I say, birds with the same feather are beautiful eh? So nice to be in a peace-loving family – NOT!!!”

This is just my two cents worth. There are some things worth keeping to ourselves or to a small circle of friends, but definitely not everything is supposed to be open for the world to see. If that’s the case, everybody’s got their own little show to put on, and the police will certainly have a difficult time containing the aggressors. I guess this is not a question as to who is right or wrong since there will always be the three sides in a story. All battling out reasons why they are correct and the other party not. It all boils down in the belief whether ‘the end justifies the means’. I’d normally say it depends on the circumstances involved, but in this case I would have to say no. Society dictates that we have to behave in a particular way, which I’m afraid opposite of what happened in this vid. The Reason why we have society is to keep things in order and in check. In the Market Market Scandal’s case, it would have been better if the legal wife acted civilized and not in a “crazy” way. (I was trying to put it down a notch lower but can’t seem to find the word.) Yes it takes time, money, and all but that’s why we have a system. If this is how everybody acts when faced a distressing situation, then what is our ‘order’ intended for? What separates us from animals if we have to resort to this type of solution?

Gah, I never really write this serious since it takes a lot of emotions that needs to be under control. This is supposed to be my very first post in 2011, and I do not want the year to start on a negative note, so let’s go ahead and play a game called “‘pretend”. After watching the video above, assume that the next clip are also people like you watching as the legal wife “terrorized” the victim! Enjoy! … 😉


Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li – (5.5/ 10)

13 12 2010

Note: I was hoping to make a review for another movie, I just happen to notice I once again forgot to post a long-overdued article, and here it is!

Well first and foremost, I was disappointed with it. I remembered the first live-action feature of Street Fighter way back in 1994, and for some odd reason I liked it, not much because of the screenplay but the amount of action involved.

In Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, there are some notable well-choreographed fighting scenes though but unfortunately was not enough to pull up some dull moments through the film.

This is a story about one of the most famous female characters in the game, young girl named Chun Li (obviously…) who embarks on a quest of revenge and justice.

I watched it because I liked Kristin Kreuk and the whole SF game but honestly the story kind of, sorry to say it, sucked big time. I understand that CAPCOM, the company bigwig behind the movie, wanted this to be centered on Chun Li’s journeys and history. But c’mon, they could’ve inserted more sub-plot lines that could’ve held the movie more cohesively. It’s a refreshing take on what I was used to seeing in the video games version than what’s on screen; maybe a little off here and there but over-all the changes are tolerable. The idea of the Order of the Web was cool too. What’s not are the other weak plot points. The movie’s not really excruciating to watch, it had problems sustaining interest all throughout the film.

It’s great they got Kreuk for title role, though I missed Chun Li’s signature look in the game with two large balls of hair and that qipao she always wore which was an early 20th century Chinese dress. Oh, was the actor who portrayed Vega, part of the Black-Eyed-Peas?

Kreuk plays the role of Chun Li, almost feels like the perfect choice

The spinning bird kick technique was cute, and they made a great decision by having it reserved for the end part. I was waiting for it the whole time, I was expecting more but it’s A-ok. M Bison was played by Neal McDonough, and he’ s so lean! I envisioned him to be bulkier! Oh wait, in the game he really IS BIG! Though on the plus side, he really made me feel he was evil and definitely worth some kicking in the butt! Nice choice of colors for the wardrobe but I hoped they stick with the original costumes instead. It would really make a difference especially for SF fans. Where’s Balrog’s boxing gloves?

If you’re new to all this (which you probably aren’t since you read the article…) there’s a big chance you may like it. But just like SF fans worldwide, a very huge number were expecting better. This is a sign that CAPCOM’s trying to take risks and would like to revive/relive the interest for the game franchise itself, which is a good thing. In other words, there could be more future features associated with SF characters that’s for sure. Are they going to make a sequel of this? If they will, I’d really hope it would be waaaayyyyy better than this one.

Photos courtesy of IMDB

Strangers and the Stranger Festival…

13 03 2010


Just found out that the video was already finished!…
I’ve been waiting for this video for quite a while now and finally it’s here!…  I’v got sooo much to tell you how i went there and how i met wonderful people and all that…  I also have a list of what happened before, during, and even after the vent itself which involves many thank-you’s … Hopefully i’d be able to finish the post before the week ends so in the meantime, here’s a brief summary provided by KNN:

Bureau: Baguio

Reporter: Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20
Camerapersons: Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20, Guillermo Ocampo, 20
Scriptwriter:   Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20
Production Assistant: Guillermo Ocampo, 20

When it’s our first time to meet someone, we feel hesitant towards them because we may not know them well. However, as we get to know strangers, it may even be possible that we become friends with them.

The first Stranger Festival organized by the European Cultural foundation. The foundation aims to bridge cultural differences among the youth and create friends among young people from different nations.

This festival was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is the culminating activity of a video-making contest, where finalists from over forty countries gathered and competed.

Kirk Belmonte from Baguio bureau created a short film Breath of Freedom on October 2007 during a workshop organized by the United Nations Children’s Fund and OneMinutesJr. This video was a finalist for the category “Inside Out” which is about the social differences of people in society and ways to overcome it.

His short film is about child labor, which is one of the biggest issues that concerns Filipino children. Kirk realized that through creative works, young people can share their opinions and views about issues not just to the country but to the whole world.


I’ll keep you posted soon enough, promise!… 😉

Freakiest Old Man Ever!

23 04 2009

Once again I stumbled upon an interesting video…

It was soooo interesting, I giggled a little then goosebumps covered my whole body…

This is the wierdest, freakiest, old man I’ved ever watched! …


… good luck watching it! … *bleh*! … 😉

Catching up and Ligaw Ligaw…

31 03 2009

wow it’s been so long since my last post! Geesh, sorry you guys I haven’t been updating recently… I’ve been very busy with a lot of stuff actually – thesis, final pain in the a** requirements/projects, pesting demanding instructors, charity work for friends, etc… sooner or later these things will come up right here and be dedicated a page or so…


Anyway, I really got a lot of catching up to do… A LOT! …  

So where do I start… hmmm…


Well… can’t think of anything right now but here are some points I’d like to share with you all…


In the coming days or weeks, I’d be posting a lot of stuff…


1.) funny and weird news from my Netscapades

2.) tips and insights on my learnings in life

3.) some of the works I’ve been involved in

4.) just random thoughts

5.) new lay-out or blog design

6.) others…


I know it’s a lot but since I’ve been kinda “free” recently, I don’t want you to feel like I’ve neglected you or something to that effect… he he he…


Just today, Ice, I, and Guill started to shoot the latter’s music video as his final project for a certain subject in school. As expected we had lots of fun and we didn’t finish it all. (well, we just started!) The song’s “Ring of Fire” – studio version sung by Adam Lambert of American Idol. The MV’s tackling a suspenseful but action-packed life of a young assassin as he figures a way out of a situation he has no control whatsoever. We’re still struggling on a lot of aspects on it but hopefully, it becomes quite a video once it’s done… hope it’ll be posted on youtube some time…  

But here’s a video you’ll surely enjoy watching…




KNN’s Baguio Bureau…




Guillermo Ocampo on a very sensitive issue…


A personal dilemma experienced by almost every teen…


How to make…




Interns Needed… in Amsterdam!

30 01 2009

Got this from the newsletter that was sent to me through e-mail …

Basically, the organizers form Strangers Festival are looking for new interns, of which, are described below…

The description of what Stranger Festival is and what’s going to happen are also stated in detail…


Stranger is looking for a new intern

“StrangerFestival is Europe’s biggest event for young video makers and their fans. StrangerFestival empowers young people in Europe to explore themselves and others through making and sharing videos. The highlight is the international festival in Amsterdam gathering over 300 foreign video makers and media professionals together with a large Dutch audience.”

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF) would like to invite a student of cultural, communications or media studies to join our team as an intern for three days a week for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 9 months, starting 16 February 2009 (starting date is negotianable). Applicants must be registered students in a higher education institution throughout the course of the internship. Studies of an international character or international experience are seen as an asset. Important: the intern must have a valid work permit for the Netherlands, according to Dutch Labour Law.

The European Cultural Foundation (ECF, is an independent foundation supporting cultural cooperation and advocating strong cultural policies for Europe. The ECF believes in the enriching experience of diversity, and in the power of culture to promote mutual understanding and respect. The ECF was founded in 1954 and is based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The internship will take place in Amsterdam, within the StrangerFestival team at the ECF. StrangerFestival builds on the ECF´s 6-year experience from the international youth video project TheOneMinutesJr

StrangerFestival believes in young people’s democratic rights for self-expression now — not only as citizens of tomorrow. Videos made by young people have a groundbreaking potential to show unique worlds and views and therefore build a more exciting image of Europe today. As more and more young people gain affordable access to the Internet, strangers are only a click away.

For more information:


As an intern, you will be involved in helping to develop and coordinate the StrangerFestival. After the first edition the project focuses on consolidating existing partnerships, integrating the analyzed results and building new partnerships, the touring exhibition and the focus group. At the end of February the educational DVD of the StrangerFestival will be released (10.000 copies) and being distributed to partners, school and other professionals in the field of media and audiovisual work.

The internship offers the potential to acquire new insights into the world of the media and skills for working in an international and intercultural setting. The internship involves the following working areas:

a. Gaining experience from producing events (video workshops, Stranger Festival)
b. Assisting in the daily coordination of the StrangerFestival
c. Mapping of European youth and media organisations and platforms which ECF could work with and creating a database of contacts
d. Assisting in the communications of StrangerFestival and theoneminutesjr
e. Participating in ECF’s activities related to developing the youth and media programme

The internship also includes research on a topic related to youth expression. The intern will receive a gross fee of 375 Euros per month, based on 3 days per week, from which the internship provider will pay the social security premiums and wage tax and national insurance contributions that are due .The intern will ensure that he/she is covered by third-party and health insurance during the internship.

Profile of the intern

We are looking for an intern who:
– is interested in and has first-hand experience of youth and popular cultures
– is fluent in English and at least one other language
– has good and proven communication and organisational skills
– has a genuine interest in cultural diversity and Europe
– is computer-literate (Word, Excel, Power Point, preferably experience with CMS and HTML)

Application procedure

Applicants should send a CV and cover letter (in English) before 31 January 2009 via e-mail or mail to:

Raya Ribbius
Jan van Goyenkade 5
1075 HN Amsterdam
The Netherlands

The letter should explain your motivation for applying for the internship. The interviews will take place during the first two weeks of February in Amsterdam. For further information, please contact Ms Raya Ribbius or Giusy Chierchia

NB: living in Amsterdam is expensive and accommodation can be hard to find. Please consider this when applying.


Yup folks, it’s open to any one who meets their requirements … and for those who have the “resources” in this economically-challenging times, it’s always a blessing to share… he he he … 😉