Weekly Top 10 Songs! (May – 4th Week)

23 05 2011

Every time I go to work, I put on my earphones and listen to music. It depends on what, but experts say that  “that music with a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves to resonate in sync with the beat, with faster beats bringing sharper concentration and more alert thinking, and a slower tempo promoting a calm, meditative state.” So I normally mix up my playlist with slow and medium to fast-paced songs. Also, I appreciate a wide-range of artists but do appreciate RNB, Soul, and a little bit of the Blues. Anyway another benefit of listening to music are physiological, such as lowering blood pressure, boosts immunity, ease muscle tension and so much more. So I do not get bored I also made it a habit to change my playlist once in a while, on average I change it every other week if not weekly. Some songs move up to the number one spot, others go down, just like MYX’s Daily top 10 or MTV’s Top 100. I also make sure to add new songs when the list gets predictable and rusty. 

This week I’ve got Bruno Mars on the top spot, his current single has definitely taken our radio and music channels by storm, just by being lazy! Charice got three upcoming singles on the chart, one slipped to top 10 probably because I’ve listened to it a LOT. Interestingly though “Before It Explodes” was penned by Bruno Mars.  Other songs I found sizzling hot comprises the top 5 – all very hot just like the summer wind!… he he he…

Aside from bringing positivity, it certainly is no surprise why I see a lot of people’s ears jammed with their respective headphones. So why don’t you tune in and groove to the vibe!

Music on my playlist…

May – 4thWeek Top 5:

1.)    The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

2.)    Before It Explodes – Charice

3.)    Make It Easy – Lloyd Cele

4.)    Sleepwalker (LIVE!) – Adam Lambert

5.)    One Day – Charice

Warming Up:

  • E.T. – Katy Perry feat.Kanye West
  • Loser Like Me – Glee Cast
  • Waiting Outside the Lines (Remix) – Grayson Chance feat. Charice
  • Don’t Hold Your Breath – Nicole Scherzinger
  • That Should Be Me – Justin Bieber feat. Rascal Flatts

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Is is just me of did Joey De Leon had a guest stint in Britain’s Next Top Model?!

14 11 2009

Tell me, what’s your initial reaction?

My guess is, we had the same “gasping” moment…

It’s downright freakin’ weird alright…

I happen to be watching an episode of Britain’s Next Top Model when all of a sudden I saw a person who closely resembles a top comedian in the Philippines (except for the mole of course…)

They look alike so much right? I’m even half convinced that with those features, the are really connected in a way. Soulmates?! Nah, maybe long lost twins

Nevertheless, it’s still amazing that two people from very different worlds and backgrounds look very similar. VERY VERY similar. The first time I saw Hilary, I was ecstatic because I really thought it was Joey De Leon wearing a girlie outfit and faking a British accent. I even asked  myself, “What the heck is Joey up to in this English show? Why’d they taken him as a guest?” But reality soon sank in and I knew I wasn’t watching an impersonator of Joey but a real-life look-alike!

They have more similarities than just the facial aspects; both are in the entertainment industry. Joey’s a veteran comedian in the country and Hilary’s a fashion diva in Britain. Incidentally, both can be also attributed as the “life of the party”. And what do people wear when they have poor eyesight? Eyeglasses! And it looks like they each have a pair.

Come to think of it, if they star on their own movie or guessed on a TV show, what appropriate show or movie would come to your mind first?

Me? … I guess I’ll settle with a QTV show entitled “Reunions”…

Oh and one more thing, have you ever watched Joey in his crazy stint as a gay talk show host of NUTS ENTERTAINMENT ala THE VIEW? Remember his voice back then, try and imagine as if it were Hilary’s and you got a very entertaining icon! Imagine, two people from two different television channels and countries, looked as if they were just one person or came from the same family tree …Thanks to mother nature’s theory or spectacle in this evolutionary path whatever blah blah, you get the point right? …

Basta, para silang magkapamilya! No offense meant kapuso! … 😉

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