New Year’s Resolution: Boon or Bane?

6 02 2011

Have been very busy again for the longest time, but finally I’d be able to keep up with the blog once again. I should’ve posted this last month. Anyway, I believe you’re familiar with a New Year’s Resolution List. You’re even probably either on your way to achieving your goal#5 or you wouldn’t want to start at all since you don’t believe in this kinds of things. I surely did not believe in its purpose until it came to me that goals are as important as the end results itself. I stumbled upon a website, which provided me the importance of motivating oneself to reach goals for self-fulfillment.  “Goals provide a sense of direction and purpose” (Goldstein, 1994, p. 96) . People will perform better when they are committed to achieve certain goals. That’s what I read. Just happen to forgot what website this is from so I apologize but rest assured as soon as I remember, I’ll modify this post. In the mean time, here is my personal list of what I want to change and achieve before the year ends. I’ve even segmented the list so it becomes a bit more organized:

Improve health:

–          Hard cardio exercises at least once a week

–          Light core and arm exercises everyday

–          Lose the belly!

–          Eat less burn more

–          Focus on whole-wheat and organic food groups for diet

Improve Finances

–  Save money for retirement

–  Manage finances by knowing what to prioritize

–  Favor quality stuff and invest in highly-productive activities

Improve career

–          Get promoted

–          Don’t let stress get in the way and stay focused

–          Find the suitable job in the media industry

Improve education

–          Learn the basics of a new language or dialect (probably French because of work and Kapampangan because of locality)

–          Finish reading at least five books

–          Be updated about current pop culture and the media

–          Watch at least a two new movies per month

Improve Self

–          Be less grumpy this year

–          Be more independent

–          Be more confident

–          Be more organized

–          Take more risks

–          Develop a forgiving attitude

–          Read the bible

–          Do something for the kid in me every month.

–          Reduce stress by laughing

–          Laugh some more!

–          Slow down when speaking

–          Before going to sleep,  remind myself of one thing I am grateful for

–          Be kind to unkind people (they probably need it the most)

Improve Blog

–          Personalize banner

–          Modify theme

–          Create at least a post every month

–          Impose quality in every post

–          Organize channels and headings

Being motivated is beneficial because it helps in putting oneself into action, improves efficiency by increasing productivity, leads to achievement of life goals, and fosters friendly relationships. So I don’t see any issues why having a list like this would be harmful. I know what you’re thinking, it’s a lot right?! Well at least now we have a lucid idea of what we want to accomplish. More or less the path is much clearer as compared to not making a list at all. By December for sure a review will be made to show how close I am in completing the goals. So now, I only have 11 months, so here we go! Wish me luck!… 😉



Photo courtesy of Pharm marketing Blog