My Birthday … Wohooo! ;)

20 11 2008

Happy B-day to me!!! …

Well, BELATED to be exact …

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today actually. But prior to this day, I went out with an old friend who I haven’t been within the last couple of years.

So we met up at 6 pm in front of the National Bookstore Abanao, then we headed to this café(slash)drinking bar near some gas station. We got some drinks here and there. Made frequent trips to the wash room since our bladders were often about to explode. We talked about a lot of things. Political, social, cultural, scientific, and a lot of the crazy stuff you talk about with a close friend.

We called it a night after he guzzled the last bottle remaining. It was nearing 9 PM after we left the place. We parted ways *nosebleed* soon after he went to fetch his mom. And I marched back home to my sweet old bed. Tired.

Then I woke up at 11 am. My stomach’s a little grumpy since I wasn’t able to feed it breakfast so I hurried to the kitchen and my nose lead me to some delicious bundle of hotdog. Yummy! As I was about to grab some, my Aunt slapped m hand saying it was for the spaghetti. I looked at her like a wittle fuffy wud … but she glared at me and her evil eyes told me everything. I just walked away, but when she turned her back, I seized a fork and grab as many hotdogs as my fork could – 2. Well, guess I need more training on that.

After some time, I went back to my room and boy oh boy! I virtually saw my PSP glowing at the corner of my eye. As I gazed upon it, it was like speaking to my soul. It was saying “Play me… c’mon, I know you can’t resist me… Play me… “

Needless to say, I gave into the temptation. Before I knew it, he sun was about to call it a day. I looked outside the window and saw the beautiful sun retiring. I looked at our backyard and saw birds flying away. Going home maybe. I was really at awe with how the greenness of the bamboos overpower the color scheme of the city. I was actually doing some reflection here when all of a sudden a cockroach came flying and unfortunately saw my arm as a landing strip.

EEEEKKKK!!! Startled, I ran in different directions, grabbing every opportunity to smatter the little crit. Sadly it got away. “Next mr. cockroach am gonna use my secret weapon – ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL. “

During the night, we ate and talked and ate and talked. And watched the television and ate and talked and watched a movie.

A Birthday wish is a tradition that every birthday shouldn’t miss. Well, guess what… I didn’t have any. I am quite contented with what I have right now. But then I realized, how about world peace? … WHATEVER!!! Then again, I really want world peace. So that I could watch other stories in CNN other than bombings in Iraq or Mindanao for that matter. (Yes! Na-CNN ang Mindanao! :P)

Today basically it’s our mouths and fingers that were doing everything. What a great way to exercise! Yup, that’s my birthday celebration alright.

Anyway, it’s been days but I’d still want to give my deepest gratitude to all who greeted me on my birthday! Although there were quite a few who have greeted me in advance, the list just got bigger. I couldn’t believe that these people really took some time just to let me know that they’re still around and that really meant a lot. I was kind of expecting several people to greet me but maybe they’re just busy or something… Anyway, here’s the complete list of those who I’m talking about, and I’d like to tell you something about them…

1.) happy birthday kirk! eto number ko.. **********… ipadala mo na ung gift mo sa akin. jejejeje. ( – confidential – ) …. complete address talaga yan ha. jjejeje. happy birthday again kirk. wish you all the best that world has to offer. may god bless you always and continue reaching your dreams! aja kirk! jejeejeje. (…)


I met Marco at a seminar in Astoria Plaza Hotel in Manila. He seemed to be just an ordinary guy, but once you get to know him better, you’ll soon find him an amazing guy – full of talent and aspirations. And behind his boy-next-door appeal, is a warm-hearted and gifted person. Very thoughtful and sympathetic kind of guy, no wonder lots and lots of girls fall for him. Indeed, attractive inside and out.

2.) matet

Date: 10/21/2008 12:35 am Subject: getting older!!! Message:


Matetzky … she used to be the pa-sweet and shy type of girl during our Freshie years and college. But now… wel… she still is… but mind you, she really packs a wallop! And what I mean by that is that she’s kick-a** smart! Oh and did I tell you how charming she is in person?

10/21/2008 8:29 am

3.) happy birthday po kuya.. =)
staysafe po.. =)

She is he lead actress in the movie “Seat-in” which of course a movie we also aided in … anyway, all I can say about her is aside from being pretty she’s an actual toughie. Very sweet and very polite. Beware though, as I mentioned earlier, she’s absolutely resilient inside.

10/21/2008 7:07 am

4.) Oi..Happy Birthday naman…Enjoy ka po..Ingatz..

Kuya Bryan… I consider him my cousine even though he’s my cousin’s cousin… does that actually count? … anyway, I really miss him… Kuya Bryan’s exceptional ability to make everyone laugh at the most unexpected times would always make someone close to him, well… miss him… from his unique sense of humor one would immediately forget his or her problems upon contact with Kuya Bryan. Oh and best of all, he has a heart of gold.

10/21/2008 4:11 am

5.) Happy Birthday Comments

Hmmm… not actually very familiar with BigBro but, I appreciate the greetings. Especially since this would be the 2nd consecutive time. Thank you!

10/21/2008 2:18 am

6.) kirk friend……….happy bday… goodluck sayo….mish yoh……….mwah…..many more blessings to come…mwahhhhh…and bdays to come na din…..

Lalang, as we fondly call her, is remarkably one of the strongest people I have encountered in my whole life. She’s brutally frank also. But that doesn’t mean she’s got a heart of stone. In fact she is a loyal friend and anyone who dares to hurt her friends will get some terrible consequences.

10/20/2008 8:26 pm

  • hi kirky!
    hapy birtdy!
    hapy birtdy!
    hapy birtdy to you…

    God bless!
    more blessings to come!

I met Chayne during our sophomore year in college and thought he was best friends with Arianne N. since they seem so close to one another. I’m not saying that they aren’t now, but … well… they are … friends. Moving on, I’d really like to say this to the world that Chayne would probably be one of the sweetest and kindest persons to ever grace this planet. Why? Simple. She’s just her own kind and sweet self. No pretentions whatsoever.

10/20/2008 2:38 pm

  • HAPPEE BIRTHDAE KIRK… =) enjoy your day…

Aha! … Abner Christopher Caguioa… I’ll certainly never forget that name. of course along with my HS buddies (Guill, Arvin, Airon, and Gary) To tell you the truth I miss this chubby guy. His theories about the world, crazy plans for over nights, insatiable energy when singing, and of course his appetite… for arts that is… he he he …

7.) 21 Oct 08, 12:20

anthony_capiz: hehe

21 Oct 08, 12:20

anthony_capiz: hapi birthday!!!?

I was just browsing the KNN Website when all of a sudden someone greeted me via the shoutbox. And to my surprise it was none other than the person I thought forgot who I was. Daddy Nic of Capiz!!! …

Additionally, my close friends and co-KNN’ers texted me…

1.) Hapy bday pop ala.. Haha.. 2matanda n po tau.. Haha,, at ngaun lng aq nagkalod.. Haha – Pebbe

à Hardworking gal. Small but terrible.

2.) Hapy bday kuya kirk. (with the “u” that looks like it’s a smiley.) – Mylvie

à Very very sweet. Charismatic at the same time diligent.

3.) kuya, happy birthday po (with the “u” that looks like it’s a smiley.) – Zsam

à Has a strong character. Assertive but logical.

4.) Kirkie!Hapi bday!Salamat s lahat. . . Continue 2 be our inspirxon. . . We love u. Mwah! (with the “u” that looks like it’s a smiley.) – Rowyn

à How can anyone ever forget Rowyn whose signature moves includes sleeping at unexpected times! Let me see… we caught her sleeping while eating… we caught her sleeping while painting… we caught her sleeping while doing her essay-assignment (well, who wouldn’t) … we would not be surprise if we caught her sleeping while walking! … anyway, can you believe that drinking hot coffee, easily makes her fall asleep? … well, maybe that’s the price you pay after being so hyper when you’re awake. What’s really amazing about this young woman is her guts to fight trials and tribulations set before her and how she manages to emerge victorious in the end. Oh! And She’s also adorable when she asks for hugs and kisses… I mean literally! Well, that’s Rowyn alright!

5.) Kua khat 2 uppie bdae fue umwah yabyu haha blehj – Kat

à well… don’t know how to start this but… ok… here it goes… She’s my sister! Wohoooooo!!! … there… got tons of energy… never calls it quits until I or her enemy for that matter wins by a mile CLEARLY… has a loud mouth… really LOUD… fashionable – making her an icon (well, to my young nieces and cousins – DEFINITELY!) … she can be very determined with a push here and there… undoubtly, one of a kind… PUSA! 😉

6.) Kirkie! Happy2 birthday! Sowbra! Ang tanda mo nh! Happy Burday tlga! Tara sa bilad! Waaahh… Oa.. Haha.. Hapi bday! Mwah! Cecile d. C. hir – Cecile

à Maria Cecile Leah… whenever I hear her name, I always remember the charming and thoughtful friend I got to know since our sophomore year in college. Remarkably, she surprised everybody when all of a sudden she started cracking jokes and making punch lines. But beneath her glowing aura is a sign of all the tears she wept – making her a resilient young woman. At first glance, she’s really shy, but once you get to know her better, you’d forget who the country’s comedy queen is. She’s been quite star actually… she’s been mentioned different times by different professors in different subjects, all pertaining to her “asset”. That’s not all, with her so-called “asset” she could be the next Rapunzel – literally! She could even replace Piolo anytime in his CLEAR SHAMPOO commercial! (Now that’s what you call LOOOONG and SILKY… )

7.) Kirk! Happy bday happy bday happy bday happy bday. Wishing u d best. (with the “o” that at looks like it’s a smiley, a smiley with wide opening of the mouth.) -Tan

à “The Hair Meister” – don’t know what he last word means but it sounds cool with hair… recently he did a lot of things to his hair… late last year he was semi-bald… maybe he figured there was something lacking … nope not hair… so he shaved in a couple of lines here and there then became stars… then lately he looks a character from Dragon Ball Z with all the spikes going everywhere… well, he’s one heck of a cool guy… kind of laidback… somebody who likes to do things properly… but mind you, he can be jealous at times… (let’s just say he’s got some complex of some sort *wink*) … but most importantly, he’s one of my dearest friends… though he looked like a match stick at first glance, let your other senses – most especially your olfactory sense – help you realize that he’s more than what meets the eye…

8.) Maligayang bati maligayang araw, maligayang bait sa iyong pagsilang, sumaiyo nawa ang ligayang tunay, kahit manawari lumawi ang buhay! Happy birthday kirkie! (with the “o” that at looks like it’s a smiley, a smiley with wide opening of the mouth.) – Icee

à Fetch! … nope, not the doggy term but the “cool term” … with so many things she wants to do in her life, she’s really got the whole world to conquer. Not only that but despite her “American-teenage-blondie-who-doesn’t-know-anything” demeanor, she actually packs a wallop! Imagine, she knows a lot about general information and actually more than that, she knows the formula for computing SPEED! Whoa! That’s soooo like dork-material! … he he he … I kept telling her that people who thinks she’s stupid are… well… stupid. Let’s face it. Whether we like it or not, she’s an actual genius! Waiting to strike when the timing is good. She can become lazy at times and just want to have fun and party but I can attest to her royal highness that she’s one hell of a general information queen! Move over Queen Elizabeth, Queen Icee’s going to take over the world… oh wiat is she still alive? … anyway, you wouldn’t expect her to do office work… it’s her phobia… 😉

And last but not the least… Got these messages from my e-mail…

Hello fudgie47,

We at iPmart® forum would like to wish you a happy birthday today!


Hi Kirk

We wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday. We hope you have a great day! 🙂

To celebrate this occasion, we’ve upgraded your account with 20 International SMS.

To claim your SMS credit, click here

Best wishes



1.) Katreng

2.) Cielo

3.) Ate Milet

4.) Lorena


Thanks for the Greeting y’all!!! …

20 10 2008

fu fu fu…

I just like to share the “early birds” who greetd me via FRIENDSTER …


Elena wrote:
> happy birthday kirk =)


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aPpEe bDaY tO yOu
aPpEe bDaY tO yOu
aPpEe bDaY aPpEe bDaY
aPpEe bDaY tO yOu!

aDvancE aPpEE bDaY KirKy!

MiSsiNg yOu sO…

hUgS aNd KiSsEs!

sEe YaH nExT sEm!

10/19/2008 4:36 pm
hi there=)
Ralph Wendell
10/16/2008 3:09 pm
kuya na kapitbahay ang Double O…advance Hapibday! hehe…

salamat sa pag promote sa wordpress,
mka pag blog nga rin…

10/18/2008 3:54 pm
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  • kuya..BElated! Hahaha! D ka nagsasabi bday mo pala! 😀 hehehe!
—-> this is sooo strange … my Bday’s happening tomorrow, why belated? oh, here’s another one …
document.write(fMakeDate(“10/12/2008 9:43 pm”,”-7″,”%M%M/%D%D/%y%y%y%y %h:%m%m %a”));10/13/2008 12:43 pm
  • birthday mo? Ba’t di mo sinasabi?!!! Miss You!! Labyu!!! 🙂
What’s happennig to the world? …
he he he …
wierd …
anyway, thank you guys!!! … 😉

me and ate Ros of KNN was doin some chatting when they greeted me… :
Ros Padua (10/20/2008 5:51:28 PM): by the way kirk, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Ros Padua (10/20/2008 5:52:38 PM): from all of us here sa pmfi! ate yas, tita nancy, ate rin, ate tin, ate grace, and everyone else!