Despicable Me – (8/ 10)

13 02 2011

Once again, here’s a movie that’ll tickle your funny bones. I personally find this satisfying to watch since all the characters are all different and unique in their own little ways. It may be targeted towards the younger audiences but it does not in any way alienate the more mature crowd. As a result, it is considered as one of the animated hits of 2010 trailing behind the Toy Story and Shrek installments.

This is a story about Gru, who delights in everything evil & wicked, plans on stealing the moon. Along the way he met three orphaned girls ( Margo, Edith and Agnes) who have found something in him that no one else did:  a father.  Gru brushes them aside but eventually develops a plan to achieve his goal and decides to adopt them to be used in his schemes – and here’s where all the chaos & fun begins.

Despicable Me” will easily draw you into the story and I can’t emphasize that enough. It often times deal with inner emotions that struggles to get out, somehow transcending other movies that tackle the same themes, with ease. Thankfully, there were a lot of fun-filled scenes that never fail to amuse.

Gru's ever so loyal minions, they're so cute I want one!

This very heart-warming film boasts of good storytelling techniques that will make you feel good until the very end.  Not to mention all the characters are likeable, but it’s not automatically though. Steve Carell did a brilliant job in breathing life into the character  of Gru. All the others did very well also but none managed to outshine the lead of course. Well maybe except one – her royal cuteness Agnes. You’ll tend to like them as the story progresses. Oh and did I already tell you how cute and funny Gru’s minions are?! They are a standout if I must say. Loyal with a wild sense of humor, they’ll surely part of the formula that made this movie successful. It may not be at the top of the list but if you’re feeling down & low then this is a perfect movie to help boost the mood & get that decent laugh… 😉


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Morality on the Market Market Scandal and Venus Raj’s Fans

4 01 2011

This video has been circulating the net for quite some time now. If you watch it, is just like watching a scene in a movie about ‘the revenge of the wife’ or something. Seeing the video for the first time, I realized why this became a youtube sensation, it has some kind of voyeurism feel to it. You know that feeling in reality shows when you take a sneak peek into the lives of the contestants and learning how human they are, like you? This vid somehow captures that feeling into a much higher level. Oh wait I forgot, this isn’t a movie this is REALITY!

On the comments taken from youtube, a lot majority, sided with the legal wife. That is not surprising given the fact that if they were in her shoes they’ll also did the same thing. Besides, it is never right to claim something that’s already taken right?.

What’s just horrifying is that most of the comments on youtube also approved of this scandalous act. Yes, ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’ but it is disturbing how one can managed to do such a thing in public and let the whole world into her little own world she calls “private life”. (Probably an extrovert, I don’t know…) Some commentators say the legal wife did the right thing since they MIGHT have a child. That she MIGHT be in mid-lower class. That she MIGHT be fighter for a lot more. C’mon guys, we do not know the whole picture. What we know is that the legal wife along with her “minions” attacked a mistress that obviously had an affair with his husband. We even don’t know the other details but we certainly know she’s angry!

"Grab by the Hair Technique to Perfection"
She is enraged and we know the primary reason why. If she is trying to be brave, this probably isn’t the right way to do so. If she’s being confrontational, well then this still is not the best way to do it. Absolutely NOT a perfect example to the younger generation. If she does have a child and he/she watches this in future what will he/she think?! I’d feel embarrassed for sure. I will probably think something like this:

“Could not believe mom would do that to a person, or worse inside a mall! Now I know what those big muscle arms are for, talk about genes! Oh wait, who was capturing the video? Oh, my aunt! Geez, it probably runs in the blood, what can I say, birds with the same feather are beautiful eh? So nice to be in a peace-loving family – NOT!!!”

This is just my two cents worth. There are some things worth keeping to ourselves or to a small circle of friends, but definitely not everything is supposed to be open for the world to see. If that’s the case, everybody’s got their own little show to put on, and the police will certainly have a difficult time containing the aggressors. I guess this is not a question as to who is right or wrong since there will always be the three sides in a story. All battling out reasons why they are correct and the other party not. It all boils down in the belief whether ‘the end justifies the means’. I’d normally say it depends on the circumstances involved, but in this case I would have to say no. Society dictates that we have to behave in a particular way, which I’m afraid opposite of what happened in this vid. The Reason why we have society is to keep things in order and in check. In the Market Market Scandal’s case, it would have been better if the legal wife acted civilized and not in a “crazy” way. (I was trying to put it down a notch lower but can’t seem to find the word.) Yes it takes time, money, and all but that’s why we have a system. If this is how everybody acts when faced a distressing situation, then what is our ‘order’ intended for? What separates us from animals if we have to resort to this type of solution?

Gah, I never really write this serious since it takes a lot of emotions that needs to be under control. This is supposed to be my very first post in 2011, and I do not want the year to start on a negative note, so let’s go ahead and play a game called “‘pretend”. After watching the video above, assume that the next clip are also people like you watching as the legal wife “terrorized” the victim! Enjoy! … 😉

Call Center Agent Bloopers to brighten your day!…

16 02 2010

Bloopers that I heard directly from the people around me. Wrote it down in a little notebook that I had. Usually I can hear one or two bloopers a day. A couple of times though coming from myself too.

But here on this list that I’ve managed to compile, mostly from just ONE person though…. 

Funny and Silly, call center is not all serious too!...

and THAT person fortunately sat just right next to me. And that started my whole laugh trip experience! He knew it of course and the other people in the center that I was writing everything down. And with his permission, here they are! Enjoy!

Names were changed to protect the source’s identity…


“Ma’am, would you like to… Would you like to… Would you- BYE!” – Congressman (customer is very irate and hung up)

“You don’t like to talk to me? Me too, I don’t like to talk to you.” – Shadow Mom

“Can I give you our fax machine… uh… number…” – AUTHORitarian

“Is this the name of the business?” – Shadow Mom (reading off directly from script)

“Ang ginagamit ko kasi dalawa: broker o checking-checking.” – Top Gun

“Can I please speak to the Merchant Account?” – Principal

“How sure you are that you have no hidden charges?” – Amanda

“Can you possible fax it as soon as immediately?” – Amanda

Is she arrived?” – Amanda

“To make it a short… this is a mandatory ma’am… We will give you a lower rates…” –Amanda

“… because further on that…” – Amanda

“Can I please speak to the credit card? … the in-charge?” – Amanda

“Do you have EY-NI terminal?” – Amanda

“Can you please listen PLEASE?!” – Angry Amanda

“Do you hear me?” – Amanda

“You can fax it right now? Yes you can fax it right now.” – Amanda

“May I please speak to the boss? May I please know your name boss. (customer says her name) Oh yes thak you boss.” – Congressman

“I’m not his daughter.” – First Lady

“I’m not a terrorist!” – First Lady

“I need to communicate with him.” – Amanda

“I’m not trying to switching you.” – Amanda

“I’ll just repeat that. What’s follow?” – Amanda no getting client’s fax number

“So you own your own machine?” – KROpek

“We’re open 10-7 easter… yes EASTER.” – Amanda

Could you louder please sir?” – Amanda

There’s no EY-NI person?” – Amanda

“You don’t have a trust on us?” – Amanda

Is Jean is istill connected to your company?” – Amanda

“We’re just trying to checking Deschardeens (Desjardins – literally)… “ – Amanda

“… the merchant account, the one you’re swiping swiping?!” – Amanda

“ for example are you with MONYERIS, CHEY-CEE, or TEY-DI?”

“AMANDA: (talking with client) No sir, we can not send through –

TIBS: (butts in) Via Snail Mail.

AMANDA: we can not send it via SNAIL. “

“ … but I can not seen your billing statements?! … “ – Amanda

  “ tell me the number again so I can write it on MY DESK.” – Amanda

  “ …no problem that Paul… “ – Amanda

“ We embodied all the providers here in (nation)” – Amanda

“ Client: (annoyed) I AM NOT INTERESTED!

AMANDA: Why, who is you?! ARE YOU THE OWNER?!”

“ …yes, this matter you can relate to your boss … “ – Amanda

“ From what company are them? MSI? I never heard it… “ – Amanda

No I’m not selling you, can you listen me first?! “ – Amanda

“ What probable, possible time can you fax to me? “ – Amanda

Am I wrong or am I right? I’m right, right?” – Amanda


FYI:   This by the way was taken from my very first Call Center work

Next post: “The search for Next Top Call Center Agent… “

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Overused Smallville phrases and dialogues

16 12 2009

During the summer of last year, I had nothing worthwhile to do so I decided to watch Smallville on DVD…

On a 1-MONTH marathon! … Guess what, since I was watching it day and night I was able to compile a list of lines or dialogues that I kept hearing over and over and over again. This was from Seasons 1 up to Season 6. It’s not that I think the writers can’t think of anything else, but it’s more of becoming engrossed or immensed in the language itself and how it was used…

Yeah I know, you might be wondering what the hell am I talking about…

Anyway, are you a Smallville fan too? Do you remember any of the phrases and expression below? You are actually encouraged to expand the list…

Go Smallville! …

Overused Smallville phrases or lines:

1. Got your message, it sounded important.

2. I have to call you back

3. I’ll catch you later

4. What do you want?

5. She’s not herself lately

6. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you…

7. What are you doing?

8. You’re very sick, you need help…

9. Clark has nothing to do with this

10. What’s going on?

11. Look at me in the eye and tell me…

12. You lied to me …

13. Are you ok?

14. Never better

15. Somebody HELP!

16. You can’t blame yourself

17. We all have our secrets

18. I will not give up on him/her

19. Close that chapter in my life

20. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

21. Teach you a thing or two…

22. I know we had our differences

23. Let’s put this behind us

24. What’s wrong with you?!

25. There’s more to __(name of person)_ than meets the eye…

26. I thought of all people you would understand…

27. Made a deal with the devil

28. You have he abilities I couldn’t even dream of…

29. For what it’s worth …

30. Don’t get me wrong …

31. You’re my girl/guy

32. I get that a lot …

33. He’s on something

34. Something tells me …

35. Never start a game you can’t win ; never wound what you can not kill

36. If I didn’t know any better I think …

37. Vessel

38. RSVP

39. The crisis is far from over…

Just an observation: Louise Lane, Lex Luthor, Lionel Luthor, Lucy Lane, and Lana Lang? Double “L”s? What’s up with that?!…

Just a thought, you might wonder why I didn’t write any inspiring quote or striking dialogue. Truth is, I was so bombarded with the same old lines over and over again and I just can’t stop remembering all these expressions! With reference to the quotes, fans like me or “other” people have already enlisted what you don’t find here.

You’ll probably be taking down some lines as well if you heard it repeatedly. But hey, Smallville’s one heck of a show and it still blows me away! Except from a few lines here and there…

Smallville fans unite!

Somebody saaaaavvvvee meee! “ – The Fray

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Is is just me of did Joey De Leon had a guest stint in Britain’s Next Top Model?!

14 11 2009

Tell me, what’s your initial reaction?

My guess is, we had the same “gasping” moment…

It’s downright freakin’ weird alright…

I happen to be watching an episode of Britain’s Next Top Model when all of a sudden I saw a person who closely resembles a top comedian in the Philippines (except for the mole of course…)

They look alike so much right? I’m even half convinced that with those features, the are really connected in a way. Soulmates?! Nah, maybe long lost twins

Nevertheless, it’s still amazing that two people from very different worlds and backgrounds look very similar. VERY VERY similar. The first time I saw Hilary, I was ecstatic because I really thought it was Joey De Leon wearing a girlie outfit and faking a British accent. I even asked  myself, “What the heck is Joey up to in this English show? Why’d they taken him as a guest?” But reality soon sank in and I knew I wasn’t watching an impersonator of Joey but a real-life look-alike!

They have more similarities than just the facial aspects; both are in the entertainment industry. Joey’s a veteran comedian in the country and Hilary’s a fashion diva in Britain. Incidentally, both can be also attributed as the “life of the party”. And what do people wear when they have poor eyesight? Eyeglasses! And it looks like they each have a pair.

Come to think of it, if they star on their own movie or guessed on a TV show, what appropriate show or movie would come to your mind first?

Me? … I guess I’ll settle with a QTV show entitled “Reunions”…

Oh and one more thing, have you ever watched Joey in his crazy stint as a gay talk show host of NUTS ENTERTAINMENT ala THE VIEW? Remember his voice back then, try and imagine as if it were Hilary’s and you got a very entertaining icon! Imagine, two people from two different television channels and countries, looked as if they were just one person or came from the same family tree …Thanks to mother nature’s theory or spectacle in this evolutionary path whatever blah blah, you get the point right? …

Basta, para silang magkapamilya! No offense meant kapuso! … 😉

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Freakiest Old Man Ever!

23 04 2009

Once again I stumbled upon an interesting video…

It was soooo interesting, I giggled a little then goosebumps covered my whole body…

This is the wierdest, freakiest, old man I’ved ever watched! …


… good luck watching it! … *bleh*! … 😉

Wow Mali returns via TV5!

8 03 2009


When you thought Wow Mali’s history…


Think again …


Because Wow Mali is back on TV! …







I remember this show way back in grade school. It’s like the local version of international TV  shows “Just Kidding” and “Just For Laughs”, hosted by Joey de Leon. I personally don’t like him, but well since I like show and he’s part of it… well, what the heck…


Anyway, part of the episode I just watched was shot here in Baguio… and the female accomplice by Wow Mali seemed very familiar…


The show’s great till its closing segment. The visuals looked very vivid and crisp. I guess the chroma key-ing of the background , against a dimly-lit set in the previous versions, added to dynamism of Wow Mali… now it looks more lively and fast-paced for some reason…


The addition of going around the Philippines to draw unscripted responses from innocent bystanders is impressive compared to just focusing on Manila alone…


 It was also great to watch celebrities “Wow-malied”… just like the old days… it’s what always gets me rolling on the floor laughing…


If Wow Mali’s crew and heads continue to improve the show, it’s undeniably going to rate high, especially taking into consideration, TV5’s strong holdings on the ratings game nowadays (placing 3rd consistently against ABS-CBN and GMA) …


Who knows, since there’s no current show similar to Wow Mali, maybe the rival networks could even be brewing something to topple Wow Mali if ever the latter becomes a threat…


“sana lang walang gayahan… tulad ng ‘VICTIM’, kung naaalala niyo po yun… “


Shake mo TV mo! …