Despicable Me – (8/ 10)

13 02 2011

Once again, here’s a movie that’ll tickle your funny bones. I personally find this satisfying to watch since all the characters are all different and unique in their own little ways. It may be targeted towards the younger audiences but it does not in any way alienate the more mature crowd. As a result, it is considered as one of the animated hits of 2010 trailing behind the Toy Story and Shrek installments.

This is a story about Gru, who delights in everything evil & wicked, plans on stealing the moon. Along the way he met three orphaned girls ( Margo, Edith and Agnes) who have found something in him that no one else did:  a father.  Gru brushes them aside but eventually develops a plan to achieve his goal and decides to adopt them to be used in his schemes – and here’s where all the chaos & fun begins.

Despicable Me” will easily draw you into the story and I can’t emphasize that enough. It often times deal with inner emotions that struggles to get out, somehow transcending other movies that tackle the same themes, with ease. Thankfully, there were a lot of fun-filled scenes that never fail to amuse.

Gru's ever so loyal minions, they're so cute I want one!

This very heart-warming film boasts of good storytelling techniques that will make you feel good until the very end.  Not to mention all the characters are likeable, but it’s not automatically though. Steve Carell did a brilliant job in breathing life into the character  of Gru. All the others did very well also but none managed to outshine the lead of course. Well maybe except one – her royal cuteness Agnes. You’ll tend to like them as the story progresses. Oh and did I already tell you how cute and funny Gru’s minions are?! They are a standout if I must say. Loyal with a wild sense of humor, they’ll surely part of the formula that made this movie successful. It may not be at the top of the list but if you’re feeling down & low then this is a perfect movie to help boost the mood & get that decent laugh… 😉


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Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li – (5.5/ 10)

13 12 2010

Note: I was hoping to make a review for another movie, I just happen to notice I once again forgot to post a long-overdued article, and here it is!

Well first and foremost, I was disappointed with it. I remembered the first live-action feature of Street Fighter way back in 1994, and for some odd reason I liked it, not much because of the screenplay but the amount of action involved.

In Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, there are some notable well-choreographed fighting scenes though but unfortunately was not enough to pull up some dull moments through the film.

This is a story about one of the most famous female characters in the game, young girl named Chun Li (obviously…) who embarks on a quest of revenge and justice.

I watched it because I liked Kristin Kreuk and the whole SF game but honestly the story kind of, sorry to say it, sucked big time. I understand that CAPCOM, the company bigwig behind the movie, wanted this to be centered on Chun Li’s journeys and history. But c’mon, they could’ve inserted more sub-plot lines that could’ve held the movie more cohesively. It’s a refreshing take on what I was used to seeing in the video games version than what’s on screen; maybe a little off here and there but over-all the changes are tolerable. The idea of the Order of the Web was cool too. What’s not are the other weak plot points. The movie’s not really excruciating to watch, it had problems sustaining interest all throughout the film.

It’s great they got Kreuk for title role, though I missed Chun Li’s signature look in the game with two large balls of hair and that qipao she always wore which was an early 20th century Chinese dress. Oh, was the actor who portrayed Vega, part of the Black-Eyed-Peas?

Kreuk plays the role of Chun Li, almost feels like the perfect choice

The spinning bird kick technique was cute, and they made a great decision by having it reserved for the end part. I was waiting for it the whole time, I was expecting more but it’s A-ok. M Bison was played by Neal McDonough, and he’ s so lean! I envisioned him to be bulkier! Oh wait, in the game he really IS BIG! Though on the plus side, he really made me feel he was evil and definitely worth some kicking in the butt! Nice choice of colors for the wardrobe but I hoped they stick with the original costumes instead. It would really make a difference especially for SF fans. Where’s Balrog’s boxing gloves?

If you’re new to all this (which you probably aren’t since you read the article…) there’s a big chance you may like it. But just like SF fans worldwide, a very huge number were expecting better. This is a sign that CAPCOM’s trying to take risks and would like to revive/relive the interest for the game franchise itself, which is a good thing. In other words, there could be more future features associated with SF characters that’s for sure. Are they going to make a sequel of this? If they will, I’d really hope it would be waaaayyyyy better than this one.

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Strangers and the Stranger Festival…

13 03 2010


Just found out that the video was already finished!…
I’ve been waiting for this video for quite a while now and finally it’s here!…  I’v got sooo much to tell you how i went there and how i met wonderful people and all that…  I also have a list of what happened before, during, and even after the vent itself which involves many thank-you’s … Hopefully i’d be able to finish the post before the week ends so in the meantime, here’s a brief summary provided by KNN:

Bureau: Baguio

Reporter: Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20
Camerapersons: Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20, Guillermo Ocampo, 20
Scriptwriter:   Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20
Production Assistant: Guillermo Ocampo, 20

When it’s our first time to meet someone, we feel hesitant towards them because we may not know them well. However, as we get to know strangers, it may even be possible that we become friends with them.

The first Stranger Festival organized by the European Cultural foundation. The foundation aims to bridge cultural differences among the youth and create friends among young people from different nations.

This festival was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is the culminating activity of a video-making contest, where finalists from over forty countries gathered and competed.

Kirk Belmonte from Baguio bureau created a short film Breath of Freedom on October 2007 during a workshop organized by the United Nations Children’s Fund and OneMinutesJr. This video was a finalist for the category “Inside Out” which is about the social differences of people in society and ways to overcome it.

His short film is about child labor, which is one of the biggest issues that concerns Filipino children. Kirk realized that through creative works, young people can share their opinions and views about issues not just to the country but to the whole world.


I’ll keep you posted soon enough, promise!… 😉

WATCHMEN – (7.5 / 10)

16 12 2009

I know, the movie seemed to be “so yesterday” but I just like to share my thoughts here.

Very tricky indeed.

Great twists and a moving plot.

And wow, steamy scenes, just when I thought I was watching something children could also watch. I even though at the beginning that this would be very similar to other superhero movies like “X-men” or “Superman”. But no, it maybe in the same bark but it eventually grew a branch of its own.

It’s about a team of masked vigilantes, wanting to do good for the society. Just like “Justice League”, only, more human. It highly involves dealing with relationships in a complex system and society.

The theme is definitely not shallow and you’ll have a lot of thinking going on while watching but I believe that this sort of setback could also be a reason why it’s so good. It makes you think . It makes you wonder. It makes you feel that you’re a part of the investigation. The only downside is at some point, I was more analyzing stuff rather than enjoying the movie itself, which is for me a little of a hassle.

The director really did a great job with the creative shots which were mostly moving. Vivid visuals and exciting fighting scenes could probably be it’s second best asset after only the plot. It’s got a brutal slack on killing and slashing and gorging and everything else violent which made me remember “Kill Bill” without the black-and-white effect.

All in all, I’ll give it a more than decent rating.

I’ve got a final question once you’ve watched. Will the end always justify the means? … 😉

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IGOR – (7.5 / 10)

30 08 2009

“ It’s better to be a good nobody than and an evil somebody “ – Igor

“It’s better to be nobody than step on somebody “ – Eva

From Walt Disney, Igor is a really interesting piece of an animated feature. This film is taking the good-versus-the bad-type-of-film formula to new heights! A wickedly twisted but outrageously amusing story about how “normal” or “good” it is to be “evil”. What a paradox! It revolves around the adventure of a young man… er… a Mad Scientist’s Assistant to be exact, named Igor.

A very interesting character to begin with, Igor easily attracts empathy from most viewers if not all. Well at least I did. He may not look like your typically handsome or cute-faced hero like all the other protagonists out there, and that in itself makes him a refreshing icon. Other memorable characters were her royal cuteness Eva, who’s just plain adorable. His two companions, aside from owning some unique traits, were equally entertaining too. Igor’s certainly at home with this bunch of characters.

The over-all dark atmosphere was especially vital to the plot – great consistency right from the very beginning. It’s got superb sound effects and music, reminiscent of the “Dracula” and “Frankenstein” era. Because of the movie’s theme, you’ll also get to remember “the Corpse’s Bride”. With reference to its ability to stir curiosity and interest, I give it a little above-average rating. There were some scenes that were too-slow-paced but over-all the movie is worth the watch. From all the lines I have quoted from the movie, wouldn’t you think the message sounds clear and important?

“ We all have our own evil in our body but it is up to us to use it.” – Igor

You know what the weird part is, I first saw it via my little cousin’s DVD, which I figured later on was fake or pirated. Well, I never had a chance to see it in an actual theater. I was hoping it would be shown here locally. But ever since last summer, I never had any news if this feature was really distributed here in the Philippines. I really really hope you’d go watch it, just don’t know how though… well, if you just looked at the poster, it says there that it will be shown on September… let’s wait for it… 😉

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International Awards won by the Philippines in Film and TV…

3 01 2009

A compilation by, on the International Awards received by the Philippines in the past year alone… with a list like this, any pinoy can really be oh so proud! (Speaking of awards, if ever na may award din yung hits sa youtube, naku panalo dun sina JANINA at si CHARICE!)






International Film Festival Awards Won by the Philippines in 2008

The indie films revolution in the country continue to flourish as some of these movies won awards in various international film festivals abroad. Check out our exclusive compilation for 2008.

International Film Festival Awards Won by the Philippines in 2008

14th Vesoul International Film Festival, France
Grand Prix du Jury Award

14th Vesoul International Film Festival, France
Prix du Public (Audience Prize)

9th Palmas de Gran Canaria Film Festival, Spain
Signis Award
“Foster Child”

58th Berlin International Film Festival, Germany
Caligari Award

2008 Paris Environmental Film Festival, France
Best Film
“Foster Child”

17th Brisbane International Film Festival, Australia
“Foster Child”

65th Venice International Film Festival
Orizzonti Prize for Best Feature Film

61st Cannes International Film Festival, 2008
Official Selection

21st Singapore International Film Festival
Best Film – Asian Feature Film Category

21st Singapore International Film Festival
Best Director
“Brillante Mendoza”

21st Singapore International Film Festival

10th Osian Cinefan Festival, India
Best Film – First Pictures Division

29th Durban International Film Festival
Best Actress
“Cherry Pie Picache” – Foster Child

29th Durban International Film Festival
Best Film
“Foster Child”

6th International Pacific Meridian Film Festival, Russia
Best Director
“Dante Mendoza” – Serbis

6th International Pacific Meridian Film Festival, Russia
Best Actress
“Gina Pareño” – Serbis

35th Brussels International Film Festival, Belgium
Best Asian Film

35th Brussels International Film Festival, Belgium
Best Actor
“Yul Servo” – Brutus and Torotot

Asian Festival of First Films, Singapore
Best Director
“Dante Nico Garcia” – Ploning

13th Pusan International Film Festival, South Korea
Best Short Film

13th Pusan International Film Festival, South Korea
KNN Audience Award

6th Bangkok International Film Festival
Golden Kinnarree Award

6th Bangkok International Film Festival
Special Mention Award

6th Bangkok International Film Festival
Special Mention Award
“Years When I Was A Child Outside”

Best Film of All Time in Asia Pacific, CNN

5th Bahamas International Film Festival
Special Mention Award

28th Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival

49th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece
Best Actor
“Sid Lucero” and “Emilio Garcia” – Selda

4th Tel Aviv International Children’s Film Festival, Israel
Audience Award
“Inang Yaya”

Note: If i miss something, kindly post it in the comments section below so that i can update this list.

International Television Awards Won by the Philippines in 2008

GMA Network and it’s sister station QTV-11 brought honor to the country for winning 24 international television awards in 2008. Check out our exclusive compilation.

International Television Awards Won by the Philippines in 2008


Gold Medal – Human Interest
“Reporter’s Notebook: Batang kalakal” (GMA)

Silver Medal – News Promo
“Halalan Lights” (ABS-CBN)

Silver Medal – Social Issues and Current Events
“I-Witness: Iskul ko No. 1″ (GMA)

Silver Medal – Community Portraits
“I-Witness: Huling Hala Bira!” (GMA)

Broze Medal – Social Issues and Current Events
“Reporter’s Notebook: Engkuwentro” (GMA)

Broze Medal – UNDP Special Award
“Emergency: Mga Batang nagsusunog” (GMA)

Gold World Medal
“Power to Unite” music video (GMA)


Best Comedy Program
Camera Cafe (GMA/QTV)

2008 PROMAX BDO Awards

Promax Gold trophy for Best Public Service Announcement
“GMA Network’s Haribon Seedlings Advocacy TV plug” (GMA)

Best Music Video
“Set Me Apart” by Pupil


ABU CASBAA Unicef Child Rights Awards
Best TV programming on Children’s Rights
“I-Witness Batang Kalabaw Episode” (GMA)

2008 Popdev Media Awards – Best TV Documentary
“I-Witness” (GMA)


Excellence Award in Social Responsibility


Gold Camera Award – Documentary for Public Issues and Concerns
“Jessica Soho’s Philippine Agenda: Education” (GMA)

Gold Camera Award – Motivational program in the Entertainment
“Proudly Filipina” (QTV-11)

Silver Screen Award – Public Issues and Concerns
“Arnold Clavio’s Philippine Agenda: Health” (GMA)

Silver Screen Award – Documentary/Social Issues
“Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” (GMA)

Silver Screen Award – Entertainment: Motivational
“Wish Ko Lang” (GMA)

Silver Screen Award – Documentary/Sosical Issues
“I-Witness: Iskul Ko Number 1″ (GMA)

Silver Screen Award – Documentary/Sosical Issues
“Reporter’s Notebook: Batang Kalakal” (GMA)

Creative Excellence Award
“100% Pinoy” (GMA)

Creative Excellence Award
“Reporter’s Notebook: Pulong Diablo” (GMA)

Creative Excellence Award
“I-Witness: Batang Kalabaw” (GMA)

Creative Excellence Award
“I-Witness: Gapos” (GMA)

Creative Excellence Award
“Kids on Q” (QTV-11)

Creative Excellence Award
“May Trabaho Ka” (QTV-11)


Film Review – House Bunny

1 12 2008

HOUSE BUNNY – (6 / 10)

Awww, who doesn’t love those cute wittle bunnies?

Well, House Bunny had lots of it. Metaphorically speaking though, it’s got cuteness all over the script. Its story mostly revolve around a house bunny named Shelley, who lives in playboy mansion who go kicked out for unknown reasons. Later she meets the girls of “Zeta”, a sorority bagged as the university’s “soro-losers”. The members of the sorority – who also has got to be the seven most-socially clueless in the planet – are about to lose their house. It took them a little convincing to accept the “rejected” House Bunny but they soon found out she was what they were looking for in a long time. Then the transformation and drama unfolds…

Topbilled by Anna Faris who looked stunning by the way, showing a lot of skin now and woah woah woah, she does have a great body! It was absolutely necessary to flaunt those assets and golly oh golly she’ll definitely drive guys nuts! Anyway, aside from that, she still got this knack for jokes while looking innocent, stupid, sexy, and pretty all at the same time, just like her former movies such as Scary Movie, Just Friends, and Waiting. It’s just feels right that she was given the role, she’s definitely funny and can easily connect with the audience. Way to go sexy bunny!

On the other hand, those who played support were great too, though there were some bit of inconsistencies. I initially thought that Katherine Mcphee, a runner-up on American Idol, who played the pregnant sorority sister, was going to redeem herself after an embarrassing singing moment. Unfortunately my expectations weren’t met, and I thought she was slightly underutilized as a performer. But heck, that may just be what the role asked for, but if only…

Does it seem that I really liked Anna Faris and Katherine Mcphee? Well, hell yeah! Two of the most beautiful persons in the industry, full of charisma and talent, they’re absolutely my fave performers. Anyway, as a whole, if you need a good laugh this is a great movie to watch with your friends or families. Well, not so much for the younger audience as well your grand daddies or grand mommas. This feel-good, ugly-betty kind of story would eventually tickle your funny bone. It may not be Anna Faris’ most stellar performance but hey Katherie Mcphee debuts in it! What a two-way treat! Go bunny, hop hop hop!