Strangers and the Stranger Festival…

13 03 2010


Just found out that the video was already finished!…
I’ve been waiting for this video for quite a while now and finally it’s here!…  I’v got sooo much to tell you how i went there and how i met wonderful people and all that…  I also have a list of what happened before, during, and even after the vent itself which involves many thank-you’s … Hopefully i’d be able to finish the post before the week ends so in the meantime, here’s a brief summary provided by KNN:

Bureau: Baguio

Reporter: Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20
Camerapersons: Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20, Guillermo Ocampo, 20
Scriptwriter:   Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20
Production Assistant: Guillermo Ocampo, 20

When it’s our first time to meet someone, we feel hesitant towards them because we may not know them well. However, as we get to know strangers, it may even be possible that we become friends with them.

The first Stranger Festival organized by the European Cultural foundation. The foundation aims to bridge cultural differences among the youth and create friends among young people from different nations.

This festival was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is the culminating activity of a video-making contest, where finalists from over forty countries gathered and competed.

Kirk Belmonte from Baguio bureau created a short film Breath of Freedom on October 2007 during a workshop organized by the United Nations Children’s Fund and OneMinutesJr. This video was a finalist for the category “Inside Out” which is about the social differences of people in society and ways to overcome it.

His short film is about child labor, which is one of the biggest issues that concerns Filipino children. Kirk realized that through creative works, young people can share their opinions and views about issues not just to the country but to the whole world.


I’ll keep you posted soon enough, promise!… 😉


“Meet Tayo” – A Short Documentary on “Eyeballing”

17 06 2009
Technological advancements have changed the social landscape of young people. Teenagers can now communicate and even meet people through social network sites, internet chats or forums and text messaging.
 Some of these young people decide to meet face-to-face with those they meet online or through text messaging. One of them is Suzie, who didn’t expect that her textmate gained her trust just to abuse her.
 Atty. Mia Cawed, a lawyer who specialize in such cases said that if an abuse happens, society would often blame the girl even she has not consented. Atty. Cawed stressed that agreeing to meet personally with a stranger one meets in the internet or through text is not a crime. What is wrong is if one of those who agreed to meet took advantage of the situation to abuse his or her textmate/chatmate.
 Ms. Millicent Juloya, Directress of Child and Family Services Philippines Incorporated, said that most victims of such circumstances often blame themselves of the abuse that has happened to them. Juloya said that it is often difficult for them to move on if they keep on blaming themselves.
 The bureau gathered advice on how to avoid abuse in an eyeball situation. They came up with seven tips:
 1. Don’t meet up with the stranger alone.
2. Don’t agree to go to the house or an unfamiliar place with the stranger.
3. Agree to meet in a place where there are a lot of people.
4. Don’t give out personal information to the stranger. This could be used against you.
5. If you’re not comfortable to meet up, then don’t.
6. Don’t accept food or drinks that the stranger offers. This may contain chemicals or drugs that can make you go to sleep.
7. Always be prepared. Have your cellphone ready to notify family members, friends or authorities when something goes wrong.
Well, basically, it’s all written up there. The intersting facts and stories before, during, and after the shoot will come some time soon. But for now, here’s the video… hope you enjoy! …
via KNN … 😉