Despicable Me – (8/ 10)

13 02 2011

Once again, here’s a movie that’ll tickle your funny bones. I personally find this satisfying to watch since all the characters are all different and unique in their own little ways. It may be targeted towards the younger audiences but it does not in any way alienate the more mature crowd. As a result, it is considered as one of the animated hits of 2010 trailing behind the Toy Story and Shrek installments.

This is a story about Gru, who delights in everything evil & wicked, plans on stealing the moon. Along the way he met three orphaned girls ( Margo, Edith and Agnes) who have found something in him that no one else did:  a father.  Gru brushes them aside but eventually develops a plan to achieve his goal and decides to adopt them to be used in his schemes – and here’s where all the chaos & fun begins.

Despicable Me” will easily draw you into the story and I can’t emphasize that enough. It often times deal with inner emotions that struggles to get out, somehow transcending other movies that tackle the same themes, with ease. Thankfully, there were a lot of fun-filled scenes that never fail to amuse.

Gru's ever so loyal minions, they're so cute I want one!

This very heart-warming film boasts of good storytelling techniques that will make you feel good until the very end.  Not to mention all the characters are likeable, but it’s not automatically though. Steve Carell did a brilliant job in breathing life into the character  of Gru. All the others did very well also but none managed to outshine the lead of course. Well maybe except one – her royal cuteness Agnes. You’ll tend to like them as the story progresses. Oh and did I already tell you how cute and funny Gru’s minions are?! They are a standout if I must say. Loyal with a wild sense of humor, they’ll surely part of the formula that made this movie successful. It may not be at the top of the list but if you’re feeling down & low then this is a perfect movie to help boost the mood & get that decent laugh… 😉


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IGOR – (7.5 / 10)

30 08 2009

“ It’s better to be a good nobody than and an evil somebody “ – Igor

“It’s better to be nobody than step on somebody “ – Eva

From Walt Disney, Igor is a really interesting piece of an animated feature. This film is taking the good-versus-the bad-type-of-film formula to new heights! A wickedly twisted but outrageously amusing story about how “normal” or “good” it is to be “evil”. What a paradox! It revolves around the adventure of a young man… er… a Mad Scientist’s Assistant to be exact, named Igor.

A very interesting character to begin with, Igor easily attracts empathy from most viewers if not all. Well at least I did. He may not look like your typically handsome or cute-faced hero like all the other protagonists out there, and that in itself makes him a refreshing icon. Other memorable characters were her royal cuteness Eva, who’s just plain adorable. His two companions, aside from owning some unique traits, were equally entertaining too. Igor’s certainly at home with this bunch of characters.

The over-all dark atmosphere was especially vital to the plot – great consistency right from the very beginning. It’s got superb sound effects and music, reminiscent of the “Dracula” and “Frankenstein” era. Because of the movie’s theme, you’ll also get to remember “the Corpse’s Bride”. With reference to its ability to stir curiosity and interest, I give it a little above-average rating. There were some scenes that were too-slow-paced but over-all the movie is worth the watch. From all the lines I have quoted from the movie, wouldn’t you think the message sounds clear and important?

“ We all have our own evil in our body but it is up to us to use it.” – Igor

You know what the weird part is, I first saw it via my little cousin’s DVD, which I figured later on was fake or pirated. Well, I never had a chance to see it in an actual theater. I was hoping it would be shown here locally. But ever since last summer, I never had any news if this feature was really distributed here in the Philippines. I really really hope you’d go watch it, just don’t know how though… well, if you just looked at the poster, it says there that it will be shown on September… let’s wait for it… 😉

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Legend of Aang – Makes the Peabody Cut!

13 08 2009

One of my favorite animated  series – Avatar: Last Airbender – got the nod of the judges from the Peabody Awards to be included in its 2009 list of winners! …

Wow, and I’ve been wanting so much to tell you how beautifully Avatar’s made. The writers must have hard time conceptualizing since its got awesome fighting scenes,  bunch of the most unique characters I’ve ever seen,  an evolving  and interesting turn of events. On other words, this animated series is so much different from the animations from Asia as well as America and yet it feels as if it’s a combination of all these. I mean, maybe it’s rooted in the people who are working behind it. As far as I know, the creators are Caucasian and the animators are hailed form Korea. The main theme though is highly influenced by Hinduism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. The English language is used throughout the story. In short, this Nickelodeon masterspiece is plain brilliant.

 On the other hand, the four main characters are always such a delight to watch. Aang just encompasses the  “likablility” for a hero. Toph is as unique as her earth-bending. The “mom” of the group – Katara – can both be powerful and gentle at the same time. Who’d ever forget the “brains” of the group, Sokka.

 To know more about Avatar, click HERE;

 But in a nutshell, what makes Avatar so unique is its heavy Asian influence injected onto it’s core story. And just maybe, the reason why this show made it to the Peabody Awards is because of its high cultural and moral values to begin with. It clearly depicts the effects of war not only on children but to the rest of the world.

 I miss the show so much, I’m thinking of watching the whole show from its first season all over again…


2009 Peabody Awards winners announced today

The Peabody Awards winners 2009 has been announced today by The University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications. “YouTube” and TV show “Lost” won! The 68th Peabody Awards represents the “best in electronic media.”

Complete list of Peabody Awards winners 2009

– Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremony (NBC and Zhang Yimou)
– This American Life: The Giant Pool of Money (Public Radio International)
– CNN’s coverage of 2008 Presidential primary campaigns and debates
– Entourage (HBO)
– Depression: Out of the Shadows (PBS)
– The New York Times Website
– Black Magic (ESPN)
– Jungle Fish (KBS 2TV)
– “China: The Earthquake of Chengdu” (National Public Radio)
– NOAH Housing Program Investigation (WWL-TV)
– Hopkins (ABC)
Saturday Night Live Political Satire, 2008 (NBC)
– John Adams (HBO)
– Hear and Now (HBO)
– Washington Week with Gwen Ifill (PBS &
– Independent Lens: “King Corn” (PBS)
– Breaking Bad (AMC)
– The Gates (HBO)
– The Red Race (Shanghai TV Station)
– “36 Years in Solitary: Murder, Death and Justice on Angola” (NPR/All Things Considered)
– Avatar: The Last Air Bender (NICK)
– Crossfire: Water, Power and Politics (KLAS-TV, Las Vegas)
– Ape Genius (PBS)
– 60 Minutes: “Lifeline” (CBS)
– Lost (ABC)
– Sichuan Earthquake Coverage (Sichuan Television)
– Independent Lens: “Mapping Stem Cell Research – Terra Incognita” (PBS)
– P.O.V.: “Campaign” (PBS)
– Failing the Children: Deadly Mistakes (KMGH-TV)
– Richard Engel Reports: “Tip of the Spear” (NBC)
– The Metropolitan Opera: Live in HD Series
– Nanking (HBO)
– Hearst-Argyle Television: Commitment 2008 (Hearst-Argyle Stations)
– Onion News Network
– Turner Classic Movies
– YouTube

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