If it’s your first time to get a police report, you might want to read this first

11 07 2010

Just arrived at home from the Just arrived at home from the police station

Nope, not imprisoned. And absolutely not moving into the field as my new career either!

I was just accompanying a friend who was doing some sort of follow-up for the police report she was expecting for two days now. Guess what, the officer who was supposed to investigate on the case and all was on off and as another officer was searching on their records, nothing was even recorded on the logbook. And to make matters worst, the head of the station told us to come back tomorrow instead and refused to assist us. One of the authorities even gave us the bad news that the OIC “P.O.2. JR”, lost the ‘paper’ where he wrote the case onto. Wow. So instead of writing the info legally onto the records, it was written on a piece of paper?! Who knows it might have been a tissue paper and God knows how & where he used it! Talk about incompetence. Why am not I surprised.

That’s when my friend broke down in tears. Probably because of all the trauma, emotions, stress, etc. had built up around her. Most likely triggered by the fact that the previous officer, who was in charge of the case supposed to be, promised to send her an SMS about any updates but failed to deliver. And now here we are, absorbing all nonsensical talk from a superior who knows nothing absolutely is of no help at all! He just kept going on and on that it’s our fault why we didn’t followed up yesterday AND that they were just humans AND that they do not have the capability to think things through since they have heavy workload ANDthat they file many reports everyday so we can not be prioritized unless we come in personally AND the list goes on. In short, he was putting the blame on us and frankly is just a total waste of time. Now, considering the fact that we were expecting a text yesterday, we do not want to appear as naggy if we dropped by your station. Oh and for the record, we are also working and don’t you preach about stress and all that crap since we coexist in the same society, we breathe the same air, and we work our a**ess off to feed our family. With all due respect sir, the reason why we are with your “accommodating” presence today is to get a police report and not for a sermon. That’s why we have churches and religious places! Talk about luck!

Good thing my friend’s charm caught the eye of one of the local authorities who decided to help. Finally! Who knew that there’s actually a good cop out there! A legend in the flesh, he extended his hands for assistance as “J” composes herself. Leaving me with blabbermouth. The caring officer, “P.O.1 VM”, took it from there. During the course of this whole ordeal, the “Head” just kept on going and going and going… I really felt he would never stop! Goodness! Our conversation was going around in circles and topics were going nowhere so I decided to stop responding and gradually he stopped too. He must’ve worn himself out. Finally!

Then there was light at the end of the tunnel. After a couple of minutes of questions and answer, we finally got what we came here for in the first place. “P.O.1 VM” with quirky remarks, handed over the police report to “J” who was overflowing with excitement and relief. Persons like this budding hero, is probably one of the reasons why I still feel there is hope for the Philippines. Kudos to “P.O.1 VM” who is an epitome of what a cop should and shouldn’t be. He gave us a warm welcome, listened to us without any pre-conceived ideas or partial judgment, and stood up for what is right. Instead of goofing around, slouching on the chair and telling us to just return tomorrow *cough-STATION HEAD-cough!*

So if it’s your first time to get a VERY IMPORTANT document such as this, do not whatsoever feel and show how intimidation. Cops will eat you up alive and push you around. With all of my experiences regarding obtaining such files, I have yet to encounter a positive experience. But maybe “P.O.1 VM” changed all of that. Well, just maybe. Hoping for the best and expecting the worst, as they say… So just be brave, patient, and rational, who knows, you might even meet a “P.O.1 VM” in your area’s police station right?… 😉

Photo Courtesy of: Gulf News


Strangers and the Stranger Festival…

13 03 2010


Just found out that the video was already finished!…
I’ve been waiting for this video for quite a while now and finally it’s here!…  I’v got sooo much to tell you how i went there and how i met wonderful people and all that…  I also have a list of what happened before, during, and even after the vent itself which involves many thank-you’s … Hopefully i’d be able to finish the post before the week ends so in the meantime, here’s a brief summary provided by KNN:

Bureau: Baguio

Reporter: Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20
Camerapersons: Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20, Guillermo Ocampo, 20
Scriptwriter:   Kirk Anthony Balmonte, 20
Production Assistant: Guillermo Ocampo, 20

When it’s our first time to meet someone, we feel hesitant towards them because we may not know them well. However, as we get to know strangers, it may even be possible that we become friends with them.

The first Stranger Festival organized by the European Cultural foundation. The foundation aims to bridge cultural differences among the youth and create friends among young people from different nations.

This festival was held in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is the culminating activity of a video-making contest, where finalists from over forty countries gathered and competed.

Kirk Belmonte from Baguio bureau created a short film Breath of Freedom on October 2007 during a workshop organized by the United Nations Children’s Fund and OneMinutesJr. This video was a finalist for the category “Inside Out” which is about the social differences of people in society and ways to overcome it.

His short film is about child labor, which is one of the biggest issues that concerns Filipino children. Kirk realized that through creative works, young people can share their opinions and views about issues not just to the country but to the whole world.


I’ll keep you posted soon enough, promise!… 😉

Call Center Agent Bloopers to brighten your day!…

16 02 2010

Bloopers that I heard directly from the people around me. Wrote it down in a little notebook that I had. Usually I can hear one or two bloopers a day. A couple of times though coming from myself too.

But here on this list that I’ve managed to compile, mostly from just ONE person though…. 

Funny and Silly, call center is not all serious too!...

and THAT person fortunately sat just right next to me. And that started my whole laugh trip experience! He knew it of course and the other people in the center that I was writing everything down. And with his permission, here they are! Enjoy!

Names were changed to protect the source’s identity…


“Ma’am, would you like to… Would you like to… Would you- BYE!” – Congressman (customer is very irate and hung up)

“You don’t like to talk to me? Me too, I don’t like to talk to you.” – Shadow Mom

“Can I give you our fax machine… uh… number…” – AUTHORitarian

“Is this the name of the business?” – Shadow Mom (reading off directly from script)

“Ang ginagamit ko kasi dalawa: broker o checking-checking.” – Top Gun

“Can I please speak to the Merchant Account?” – Principal

“How sure you are that you have no hidden charges?” – Amanda

“Can you possible fax it as soon as immediately?” – Amanda

Is she arrived?” – Amanda

“To make it a short… this is a mandatory ma’am… We will give you a lower rates…” –Amanda

“… because further on that…” – Amanda

“Can I please speak to the credit card? … the in-charge?” – Amanda

“Do you have EY-NI terminal?” – Amanda

“Can you please listen PLEASE?!” – Angry Amanda

“Do you hear me?” – Amanda

“You can fax it right now? Yes you can fax it right now.” – Amanda

“May I please speak to the boss? May I please know your name boss. (customer says her name) Oh yes thak you boss.” – Congressman

“I’m not his daughter.” – First Lady

“I’m not a terrorist!” – First Lady

“I need to communicate with him.” – Amanda

“I’m not trying to switching you.” – Amanda

“I’ll just repeat that. What’s follow?” – Amanda no getting client’s fax number

“So you own your own machine?” – KROpek

“We’re open 10-7 easter… yes EASTER.” – Amanda

Could you louder please sir?” – Amanda

There’s no EY-NI person?” – Amanda

“You don’t have a trust on us?” – Amanda

Is Jean is istill connected to your company?” – Amanda

“We’re just trying to checking Deschardeens (Desjardins – literally)… “ – Amanda

“… the merchant account, the one you’re swiping swiping?!” – Amanda

“ for example are you with MONYERIS, CHEY-CEE, or TEY-DI?”

“AMANDA: (talking with client) No sir, we can not send through –

TIBS: (butts in) Via Snail Mail.

AMANDA: we can not send it via SNAIL. “

“ … but I can not seen your billing statements?! … “ – Amanda

  “ tell me the number again so I can write it on MY DESK.” – Amanda

  “ …no problem that Paul… “ – Amanda

“ We embodied all the providers here in (nation)” – Amanda

“ Client: (annoyed) I AM NOT INTERESTED!

AMANDA: Why, who is you?! ARE YOU THE OWNER?!”

“ …yes, this matter you can relate to your boss … “ – Amanda

“ From what company are them? MSI? I never heard it… “ – Amanda

No I’m not selling you, can you listen me first?! “ – Amanda

“ What probable, possible time can you fax to me? “ – Amanda

Am I wrong or am I right? I’m right, right?” – Amanda


FYI:   This by the way was taken from my very first Call Center work

Next post: “The search for Next Top Call Center Agent… “

Photo Credits: Call Center Comics.com  

Overused Smallville phrases and dialogues

16 12 2009

During the summer of last year, I had nothing worthwhile to do so I decided to watch Smallville on DVD…

On a 1-MONTH marathon! … Guess what, since I was watching it day and night I was able to compile a list of lines or dialogues that I kept hearing over and over and over again. This was from Seasons 1 up to Season 6. It’s not that I think the writers can’t think of anything else, but it’s more of becoming engrossed or immensed in the language itself and how it was used…

Yeah I know, you might be wondering what the hell am I talking about…

Anyway, are you a Smallville fan too? Do you remember any of the phrases and expression below? You are actually encouraged to expand the list…

Go Smallville! …

Overused Smallville phrases or lines:

1. Got your message, it sounded important.

2. I have to call you back

3. I’ll catch you later

4. What do you want?

5. She’s not herself lately

6. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you…

7. What are you doing?

8. You’re very sick, you need help…

9. Clark has nothing to do with this

10. What’s going on?

11. Look at me in the eye and tell me…

12. You lied to me …

13. Are you ok?

14. Never better

15. Somebody HELP!

16. You can’t blame yourself

17. We all have our secrets

18. I will not give up on him/her

19. Close that chapter in my life

20. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer…

21. Teach you a thing or two…

22. I know we had our differences

23. Let’s put this behind us

24. What’s wrong with you?!

25. There’s more to __(name of person)_ than meets the eye…

26. I thought of all people you would understand…

27. Made a deal with the devil

28. You have he abilities I couldn’t even dream of…

29. For what it’s worth …

30. Don’t get me wrong …

31. You’re my girl/guy

32. I get that a lot …

33. He’s on something

34. Something tells me …

35. Never start a game you can’t win ; never wound what you can not kill

36. If I didn’t know any better I think …

37. Vessel

38. RSVP

39. The crisis is far from over…

Just an observation: Louise Lane, Lex Luthor, Lionel Luthor, Lucy Lane, and Lana Lang? Double “L”s? What’s up with that?!…

Just a thought, you might wonder why I didn’t write any inspiring quote or striking dialogue. Truth is, I was so bombarded with the same old lines over and over again and I just can’t stop remembering all these expressions! With reference to the quotes, fans like me or “other” people have already enlisted what you don’t find here.

You’ll probably be taking down some lines as well if you heard it repeatedly. But hey, Smallville’s one heck of a show and it still blows me away! Except from a few lines here and there…

Smallville fans unite!

Somebody saaaaavvvvee meee! “ – The Fray

Photo Credits: Flickr

WATCHMEN – (7.5 / 10)

16 12 2009

I know, the movie seemed to be “so yesterday” but I just like to share my thoughts here.

Very tricky indeed.

Great twists and a moving plot.

And wow, steamy scenes, just when I thought I was watching something children could also watch. I even though at the beginning that this would be very similar to other superhero movies like “X-men” or “Superman”. But no, it maybe in the same bark but it eventually grew a branch of its own.

It’s about a team of masked vigilantes, wanting to do good for the society. Just like “Justice League”, only, more human. It highly involves dealing with relationships in a complex system and society.

The theme is definitely not shallow and you’ll have a lot of thinking going on while watching but I believe that this sort of setback could also be a reason why it’s so good. It makes you think . It makes you wonder. It makes you feel that you’re a part of the investigation. The only downside is at some point, I was more analyzing stuff rather than enjoying the movie itself, which is for me a little of a hassle.

The director really did a great job with the creative shots which were mostly moving. Vivid visuals and exciting fighting scenes could probably be it’s second best asset after only the plot. It’s got a brutal slack on killing and slashing and gorging and everything else violent which made me remember “Kill Bill” without the black-and-white effect.

All in all, I’ll give it a more than decent rating.

I’ve got a final question once you’ve watched. Will the end always justify the means? … 😉

Photo Credits: Britfilms

The Secret / “Sikreto” – English Trailer

19 11 2009

The Secret / “Sikreto” – Tagalog Trailer

19 11 2009