Weekly Top 10 Songs! (May – 4th Week)

23 05 2011

Every time I go to work, I put on my earphones and listen to music. It depends on what, but experts say that  “that music with a strong beat can stimulate brainwaves to resonate in sync with the beat, with faster beats bringing sharper concentration and more alert thinking, and a slower tempo promoting a calm, meditative state.” So I normally mix up my playlist with slow and medium to fast-paced songs. Also, I appreciate a wide-range of artists but do appreciate RNB, Soul, and a little bit of the Blues. Anyway another benefit of listening to music are physiological, such as lowering blood pressure, boosts immunity, ease muscle tension and so much more. So I do not get bored I also made it a habit to change my playlist once in a while, on average I change it every other week if not weekly. Some songs move up to the number one spot, others go down, just like MYX’s Daily top 10 or MTV’s Top 100. I also make sure to add new songs when the list gets predictable and rusty. 

This week I’ve got Bruno Mars on the top spot, his current single has definitely taken our radio and music channels by storm, just by being lazy! Charice got three upcoming singles on the chart, one slipped to top 10 probably because I’ve listened to it a LOT. Interestingly though “Before It Explodes” was penned by Bruno Mars.  Other songs I found sizzling hot comprises the top 5 – all very hot just like the summer wind!… he he he…

Aside from bringing positivity, it certainly is no surprise why I see a lot of people’s ears jammed with their respective headphones. So why don’t you tune in and groove to the vibe!

Music on my playlist…

May – 4thWeek Top 5:

1.)    The Lazy Song – Bruno Mars

2.)    Before It Explodes – Charice

3.)    Make It Easy – Lloyd Cele

4.)    Sleepwalker (LIVE!) – Adam Lambert

5.)    One Day – Charice

Warming Up:

  • E.T. – Katy Perry feat.Kanye West
  • Loser Like Me – Glee Cast
  • Waiting Outside the Lines (Remix) – Grayson Chance feat. Charice
  • Don’t Hold Your Breath – Nicole Scherzinger
  • That Should Be Me – Justin Bieber feat. Rascal Flatts

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New Year’s Resolution: Boon or Bane?

6 02 2011

Have been very busy again for the longest time, but finally I’d be able to keep up with the blog once again. I should’ve posted this last month. Anyway, I believe you’re familiar with a New Year’s Resolution List. You’re even probably either on your way to achieving your goal#5 or you wouldn’t want to start at all since you don’t believe in this kinds of things. I surely did not believe in its purpose until it came to me that goals are as important as the end results itself. I stumbled upon a website, which provided me the importance of motivating oneself to reach goals for self-fulfillment.  “Goals provide a sense of direction and purpose” (Goldstein, 1994, p. 96) . People will perform better when they are committed to achieve certain goals. That’s what I read. Just happen to forgot what website this is from so I apologize but rest assured as soon as I remember, I’ll modify this post. In the mean time, here is my personal list of what I want to change and achieve before the year ends. I’ve even segmented the list so it becomes a bit more organized:

Improve health:

–          Hard cardio exercises at least once a week

–          Light core and arm exercises everyday

–          Lose the belly!

–          Eat less burn more

–          Focus on whole-wheat and organic food groups for diet

Improve Finances

–  Save money for retirement

–  Manage finances by knowing what to prioritize

–  Favor quality stuff and invest in highly-productive activities

Improve career

–          Get promoted

–          Don’t let stress get in the way and stay focused

–          Find the suitable job in the media industry

Improve education

–          Learn the basics of a new language or dialect (probably French because of work and Kapampangan because of locality)

–          Finish reading at least five books

–          Be updated about current pop culture and the media

–          Watch at least a two new movies per month

Improve Self

–          Be less grumpy this year

–          Be more independent

–          Be more confident

–          Be more organized

–          Take more risks

–          Develop a forgiving attitude

–          Read the bible

–          Do something for the kid in me every month.

–          Reduce stress by laughing

–          Laugh some more!

–          Slow down when speaking

–          Before going to sleep,  remind myself of one thing I am grateful for

–          Be kind to unkind people (they probably need it the most)

Improve Blog

–          Personalize banner

–          Modify theme

–          Create at least a post every month

–          Impose quality in every post

–          Organize channels and headings

Being motivated is beneficial because it helps in putting oneself into action, improves efficiency by increasing productivity, leads to achievement of life goals, and fosters friendly relationships. So I don’t see any issues why having a list like this would be harmful. I know what you’re thinking, it’s a lot right?! Well at least now we have a lucid idea of what we want to accomplish. More or less the path is much clearer as compared to not making a list at all. By December for sure a review will be made to show how close I am in completing the goals. So now, I only have 11 months, so here we go! Wish me luck!… 😉



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Call Center Agent Bloopers to brighten your day!…

16 02 2010

Bloopers that I heard directly from the people around me. Wrote it down in a little notebook that I had. Usually I can hear one or two bloopers a day. A couple of times though coming from myself too.

But here on this list that I’ve managed to compile, mostly from just ONE person though…. 

Funny and Silly, call center is not all serious too!...

and THAT person fortunately sat just right next to me. And that started my whole laugh trip experience! He knew it of course and the other people in the center that I was writing everything down. And with his permission, here they are! Enjoy!

Names were changed to protect the source’s identity…


“Ma’am, would you like to… Would you like to… Would you- BYE!” – Congressman (customer is very irate and hung up)

“You don’t like to talk to me? Me too, I don’t like to talk to you.” – Shadow Mom

“Can I give you our fax machine… uh… number…” – AUTHORitarian

“Is this the name of the business?” – Shadow Mom (reading off directly from script)

“Ang ginagamit ko kasi dalawa: broker o checking-checking.” – Top Gun

“Can I please speak to the Merchant Account?” – Principal

“How sure you are that you have no hidden charges?” – Amanda

“Can you possible fax it as soon as immediately?” – Amanda

Is she arrived?” – Amanda

“To make it a short… this is a mandatory ma’am… We will give you a lower rates…” –Amanda

“… because further on that…” – Amanda

“Can I please speak to the credit card? … the in-charge?” – Amanda

“Do you have EY-NI terminal?” – Amanda

“Can you please listen PLEASE?!” – Angry Amanda

“Do you hear me?” – Amanda

“You can fax it right now? Yes you can fax it right now.” – Amanda

“May I please speak to the boss? May I please know your name boss. (customer says her name) Oh yes thak you boss.” – Congressman

“I’m not his daughter.” – First Lady

“I’m not a terrorist!” – First Lady

“I need to communicate with him.” – Amanda

“I’m not trying to switching you.” – Amanda

“I’ll just repeat that. What’s follow?” – Amanda no getting client’s fax number

“So you own your own machine?” – KROpek

“We’re open 10-7 easter… yes EASTER.” – Amanda

Could you louder please sir?” – Amanda

There’s no EY-NI person?” – Amanda

“You don’t have a trust on us?” – Amanda

Is Jean is istill connected to your company?” – Amanda

“We’re just trying to checking Deschardeens (Desjardins – literally)… “ – Amanda

“… the merchant account, the one you’re swiping swiping?!” – Amanda

“ for example are you with MONYERIS, CHEY-CEE, or TEY-DI?”

“AMANDA: (talking with client) No sir, we can not send through –

TIBS: (butts in) Via Snail Mail.

AMANDA: we can not send it via SNAIL. “

“ … but I can not seen your billing statements?! … “ – Amanda

  “ tell me the number again so I can write it on MY DESK.” – Amanda

  “ …no problem that Paul… “ – Amanda

“ We embodied all the providers here in (nation)” – Amanda

“ Client: (annoyed) I AM NOT INTERESTED!

AMANDA: Why, who is you?! ARE YOU THE OWNER?!”

“ …yes, this matter you can relate to your boss … “ – Amanda

“ From what company are them? MSI? I never heard it… “ – Amanda

No I’m not selling you, can you listen me first?! “ – Amanda

“ What probable, possible time can you fax to me? “ – Amanda

Am I wrong or am I right? I’m right, right?” – Amanda


FYI:   This by the way was taken from my very first Call Center work

Next post: “The search for Next Top Call Center Agent… “

Photo Credits: Call Center Comics.com