Hi my name is Kirk and welcome to my online journal!…

That’s what I like to believe but slowly this blog is turning into an electronic magazine of my life, viewpoints, interests and works. Hence the name KIKOWORKS. I was nicknamed “Kiko” and these are my samples of “works”. Simple right? No elaborate explanations and scientific formulas there! Whew!

This blog was created as an outlet of ideas, emotions, and all intangible things you could think of. So hope you find these bearable…

Somehow, this is where I practice writing since working in the Business Processing Industry as a Service Representative doesn’t necessarily give you the leisure to practice and develop your skill, because 95% of the time we’re really just conversing. Criticism’s plays a large role to progress, so if ever you’re able to spot any sentence with grammatical errors, or if it could be restructured in a better way, or if it does have any misplaced punctuation marks, then by all means drop a comment so it can be rectified. I’d really appreciate that, just veer away from insulting remarks please or else I’ll hunt you down! Nah just kidding, don’t want my heart broken that’s all. (Onion-skinned!)

Moving on, KIKOWORKS focuses primarily on themes involving media like Films & Movies, Photography, Music, Pop Culture, Videography, etc… So if you have any suggestions we could collaborate, discuss, or review, feel free to send them over to my email: wiza_brats_kirk@yahoo.com . Rest assured that ‘credit is given when due’.


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13 responses

19 09 2008

HI just dropping by.

17 06 2009

alrighty, thanks guill for visiting!… 😉

29 05 2009
Carla Maria

What a great site!Thank you


27 06 2009

KIRK, You crazy ass! 🙂 Hahahahahaha!!! We should work on something now that we graduated!! 🙂 I got a lot of ideas…how about something spooky??? 😉 FB me as usual!!! 🙂

22 09 2009
street wear

Fantastic work!

6 10 2009
street wear

What a nice theme

14 10 2009
halloween san francisco

Just an amazing site!. Have Happy Halloween!

16 02 2010

trhankx!… hope you visit again soon!… 😉

25 04 2010

Who knew that you have this much (and more?) to offer to the populace? 🙂 You were always the meek Kirk sa floor. I hope these peepz end up stumbling on your site.

Once the intranet moves to WSS 3, guest blog please? 🙂

25 04 2010

me?… meek?… well…

as melanie marquez once put it, ‘you can never can tell’ … can’t you?… he he he…

i hope so, so they don’t think of me as the absurd dumb person they see AND oh yes, I’ll definitely find the time to- err, what am I supposed to do again with the blog?… 😉

17 07 2010

Thumbs up for a great blog Kirk! I never knew magaling ka pala sa ganito. You can teach me a few tricks. Keep me posted.

8 09 2010
camille hernan

was here 😀

19 09 2010

hey camille!… thanks for dropping by!… 😉

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