Film Review – House Bunny

1 12 2008

HOUSE BUNNY – (6 / 10)

Awww, who doesn’t love those cute wittle bunnies?

Well, House Bunny had lots of it. Metaphorically speaking though, it’s got cuteness all over the script. Its story mostly revolve around a house bunny named Shelley, who lives in playboy mansion who go kicked out for unknown reasons. Later she meets the girls of “Zeta”, a sorority bagged as the university’s “soro-losers”. The members of the sorority – who also has got to be the seven most-socially clueless in the planet – are about to lose their house. It took them a little convincing to accept the “rejected” House Bunny but they soon found out she was what they were looking for in a long time. Then the transformation and drama unfolds…

Topbilled by Anna Faris who looked stunning by the way, showing a lot of skin now and woah woah woah, she does have a great body! It was absolutely necessary to flaunt those assets and golly oh golly she’ll definitely drive guys nuts! Anyway, aside from that, she still got this knack for jokes while looking innocent, stupid, sexy, and pretty all at the same time, just like her former movies such as Scary Movie, Just Friends, and Waiting. It’s just feels right that she was given the role, she’s definitely funny and can easily connect with the audience. Way to go sexy bunny!

On the other hand, those who played support were great too, though there were some bit of inconsistencies. I initially thought that Katherine Mcphee, a runner-up on American Idol, who played the pregnant sorority sister, was going to redeem herself after an embarrassing singing moment. Unfortunately my expectations weren’t met, and I thought she was slightly underutilized as a performer. But heck, that may just be what the role asked for, but if only…

Does it seem that I really liked Anna Faris and Katherine Mcphee? Well, hell yeah! Two of the most beautiful persons in the industry, full of charisma and talent, they’re absolutely my fave performers. Anyway, as a whole, if you need a good laugh this is a great movie to watch with your friends or families. Well, not so much for the younger audience as well your grand daddies or grand mommas. This feel-good, ugly-betty kind of story would eventually tickle your funny bone. It may not be Anna Faris’ most stellar performance but hey Katherie Mcphee debuts in it! What a two-way treat! Go bunny, hop hop hop!




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